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Links 1 through 10 of 30 by Amy Gahran tagged roles

Brilliant, Brilliant essay by Scott Rosenberg!

“doing journalism.” What are we talking about here? Here’s my take: You’re doing journalism when you’re delivering an accurate and timely account of some event to some public.

Let’s break it down....

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"In the past few years, as newspapers’ economic fortunes have steadily declined, they have been more and more likely to emphasize their special role in America’s democratic system. (For the moment, I’m not making any argument about whether or not these claims are true. They may very well be. I’m just pointing them out.) The origins of this increasing tendency to emphasize the special democratic function of newspapers might be seen in these early debates about the federal shield law."

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Charlotte Anne Lucas: "I was marveling at the value (and civility) of the comments under "Monetize The Audience..." yesterday, while being dismayed at the lack of those attributes (by some of the same commenters!) over at CJR (
I think Bailey, CJR and others represent a legacy media, top-down, "I'm-telling-you" attitude that doesn't contemplate the Web-enabling notion that stories can be conversations that live on and grow better over time.
Many folks in today's newsrooms have forgotten that a huge part of their job is to listen to people. I say that from spending more than 30 years as a journalist, including the last 10 years online at places including the original "Freemium,"
Yes, dealing with comments is like tending a garden.
Neglect it, and the weeds will overrun you.
Engage and cultivate, and the result is something quite special for all of us.

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"The rigid separations of pre-digital disciplines and professions, as well as between play and work are not the same in a digital world. News needs to move into the relevant stream of what people pay attention to. News moguls aren’t dictating anymore. They have to engage, listen, and join in, not dominate, gatekeep, and set the frames."

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" 9-A journalist is more a traffic cop than a private investigator. Or even better: there will be more traffic cops than private investigators.. .I’m sorry to destroy a romantic image of journalism, but there will be less Humphrey Bogarts, the rise in the volume of information will demand for more traffic managers. Their role will be essential to guide the masses in the search for information. Sites like are a good example. Journalistic creation and investigation will continue to exist, but most of the work will be redirecting users and contents into the right places."

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"One of the new jurno jobs in Webworld is community manager. It’s rapidly becoming a must-hire at news organizations, and it can be an opportunity for journalists to do journalism at non-news organizations. (”Community manager” seems to be the term that’s sticking. It’s also been called “social networking coordinator”.)

"What does a community manager do? That job’s still evolving, so it’s defined by the organization and/or the journalist...."

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Jeremiah Owyang says "We’re seeing more news stories of layoffs hitting many industries –esp tech. I encourage you to build your network before you need it."

I agree -- this is not something you want to be doing at the last minute. Something I've been urging journalists and media pros about for years.

Owyang: "First start by connecting with folks in the Web Strategy Facebook group there are 8688 members that are web decision makers, join in the discussions, read the topics, or post questions. If you’re a Community Manager, or trying to become one, this Community Manager Facebook group has 2050 members to network with. I noticed that Community Managers are in demand, as on the web strategy job board, I was able to check the admin panel and see there were far more submissions to community manager roles than all others."

And "community manager" is a role that journalists -- especially beat journalists -- might be especially well-equipped to play.

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"Twitter is the canary in the news coalmine. If you’ve just gone through a major event, you'll want to tell your friends. If enough people are all chattering about an earthquake at the same time, that’s a good and immediate indication of big news."

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"I don’t like to shatter an intern’s anchor dreams, it’s time for reality. Journalism schools, as a public service, should strongly discourage students from pursuing an anchoring career. Instead, emphasize the “do-it-all” multimedia journalist."

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Another take on identity, from Al Gore: "I don't like that phrase party elder," Gore said. "I am not anxious to be playing that role. I just turned 60, which is the new 59. I am just a voter, and a recovering politician, and watching it carefully.

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