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Links 1 through 4 of 4 Advanced Sleep Apnea's Bookmarks

Click here for more info: This patient has been using an oral appliance for over 9 years and has been sleeping much better since. She is now upgrading to a new SomnoMed appliance. She loves oral appliances because they not only treat her sleep apnea but are comfortable and

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Click here for more info: This patient of Dr. Schwaber's has tried wearing two different CPAP masks with no success. She was never able to get to sleep when she was using CPAP. She is thrilled to have found sleep apnea treatment with an oral appliance. On top of getting bet

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For more info visit: This patient named Joe came to see Dr. Schwaber 15 years ago to get treated for Sleep Apnea. In this video he is coming to get a new oral appliance after 15 year of successful treatment. He like many other people did not enjoy wearing a CPAP mask and so

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Dr. Schwaber is one of the leading experts in the state of Connecticut for treating Sleep Apnea with the use of an Oral Appliance.

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