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Links 1 through 10 of 11 by piers young tagged parents

Hundreds of parent groups have expressed interest in setting up the schools, which are funded by the state but are independent of town hall control and run by independent organisations.

But Per Thulberg, director general of the Swedish National Agency for Education, said the schools had "not led to better results" in Sweden.

Michael Gove, the shadow education secretary, believes that by establishing up to 2,000 of these schools, parents would have more choice and existing schools would be forced to improve.

But Thulberg told BBC's Newsnight programme that where these schools had improved their results, it was because the pupils they took had "better backgrounds" than those who attended the institutions the free schools had replaced.

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"Kids have always cared about privacy, it's just that their notions of privacy look very different than adult notions," she says. "Kids don't have the kind of privacy that we assume they do."

"As adults, by and large, we think of the home as a very private space – it's private because we have control over it. The thing is, for young people it's not a private space – they have no control. They have no control over who comes in and out of their room, or who comes in and out of their house. As a result the online world feels more private because it feels like it has more control."

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Benefits of parent involvement for SCHOOLS:

• Improves teacher morale

• Higher ratings of teachers by parents

• More support from families

• Higher student achievement

• Better reputations in the community [and more]

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According to a survey of 2,000 primary school parents in the UK, 55% felt parents' evenings did not really tell them how their child was progressing.

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In August, journalist Toby Young announced in this newspaper that he wanted to found a new type of 'free' school where access to a good education is not based on income. Three months on, his biggest problem is battling bureaucracy and accusations of middle-class snobbery

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Half of all schools have hired a member of staff to provide support for its pupils' parents...

The TDA says the aim is to engage parents in their children's learning, but critics have accused officials of "nationalising parenting" and interfering in family life. They say schools should be there to teach children, not to act as "pseudo social workers" for adults.

They are particularly critical of the scope of the PSA role, which can include:

■ Running parenting classes to teach people about the best ways to bring up their children and control behaviour.

■ Helping parents who are unemployed to find work.

■ Providing advice on how to deal with problems such as domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse and depression.

■ Offering classes on literacy and numeracy, as well as sessions on healthy eating, keeping fit and reading with young children.

■ Carrying out home visits when children are misbehaving or truanting.

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Director of Play England Adrian Voce said: "The opportunity for children to play at school is all too easily regarded as a luxury. But children, as well as their parents, are telling us how crucial it is.

"We know that playing is an essential part of enjoying childhood and that it contributes hugely to children's informal learning and development.

"Families are now telling us that it is important in helping children to get the most from their formal learning too."

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From September 2008 all maintained schools will be expected to start the move towards online reporting

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Sigh ...
26% - A graphically severed human head
27% - Two men kissing
37% - A man and a woman having sex

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