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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Ken Robson tagged virtual

One of the driving forces behind the development of Virtual Memory (VM) was to reduce the programming burden associated with fitting programs into limited memory. A fundamental property of VM is that the CPU references a virtual address that is translated via a combination of software and hardware to a physical address. This allows information only to be paged into memory on demand (demand paging) improving memory utilisation, allows modules to be arbitrary placed in memory for linking at run-time and provides a mechanism for the protection and controlled sharing of data between processes. Use of virtual memory is so pervasive that it has been described as an “one of the engineering triumphs of the computer age” [denning96] but this indirection is not without cost.

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Analyzing your memory usage is one way to fix other performance problems you may have, such as an increased code footprint or slow code. Efficient memory usage is critical to performance in any application. Increased memory usage not only increases the in-memory footprint of your application, it also increases the time spent allocating and manipulating that memory.

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Use USB as protable virtualised PC.

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LLVM is a robust system, particularly well suited for developing new mid-level language-independent analyses and optimizations of all sorts, including those that require extensive interprocedural analysis. LLVM is also a great target for front-end develop

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Despite its dominance, object-oriented computation has received scant attention from the
architecture community. We propose a novel memory architecture that supports objects and
garbage collection (GC). Our architecture is co-designed with a Java Virtua

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em and emulate 'em. While Virtual Iron has some of the most sophisticated server virtualization technologies ever developed, what seems clear to most observers is that while VMware's closed source hypervisor inside its VMware

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