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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Ken Robson tagged apache

So, after a week with the Niagara T2000, I’ve managed to find some time to do some more detailed benchmarks, and the results are very impressive. The T2000 is definitely an impressive piece of equipment, it seems very, very capable, and we may very well

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Want to start using Apache Derby right now? This multi-part series featured in the "Developing with Apache Derby: Hitting the Trifecta" column will get you up and running with the Derby database in no time. This first installment introduces the basic conc

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MARCH 23, 2006 (INFOWORLD) - The days of selling software through the traditional commercial model are numbered, as open-source becomes the preferred choice, Greg Stein, chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, said at the EclipseCon 2006 conference ye

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Apache server performance can be improved by adding additional hardware resources such as RAM, faster CPU etc. But, most of the time, the same result can be achieved by custom configuration of the server. This article looks into getting maximum performanc

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Sun gave the Apache Software Foundation a server last year, and I kept hearing, over coffee and beer, that they were running some scary-huge number of projects on it, all independently via zones; really remarkable numbers. I kept asking them to write abou

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This tutorial explains how I was able to setup a web server in order to support Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlets using virtually hosted websites. Although this setup worked for this particular environment, I can make no guarantees that it will work fo

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Geronimo provides integration with third-party components through its unique GBeans feature. GBeans allow you to "roll your own" application server, making it as heavy or as light as you want by plugging and unplugging specific components into Geronimo. A

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