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Brightsource Energy has abandoned its IPO. Citing adverse market conditions stemming from a lack of public interest/funding in greentech solar companies, the company withdrew its plans to become listed and offer shares on the NASDAQ last month. Brightsource Energy, based in Oakland, California, is considered the United States leader in the development and application of solar energy for large-scale power plants. The company CEO John Wollard advised the media that going through with the IPO would have left the company and its investors in an unfavorable position. Raising $250 million of capital in the United States proved to be too much of a challenge for Brightsource Energy but the challenge, in terms of the market, stems from competition in China and it effects on the United States’ green energy policy.

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With a potential merger between US Airways and American Airlines already in place, the airline industry is experiencing yet another shakeup. If the merger is approved by the unions and the federal government, it would in effect create the largest airlines in the United States. There still lie a few challenges ahead for those who want to see the merger go through. First of all, American Airlines recently filed for bankruptcy, a process that can take years. In order for the proposed airline merger to be approved, the bankruptcy court first has to rule that American Airlines has the right to merge while in bankruptcy. Next, unions for both of the airlines will have to vote to approve the merger. Finally, the United States Transportation Department will have to conduct their own research and hand down the final approval for the merger.

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For years now, almost all the countries in the world have an army of its own, which is committed to protecting the national interests of the country against enemies. Although, armies across the world have numerous of differences and variations, ranging from their structure, composition, technology, training and the abilities of their members, there is always something in common which allows us to figure the armies overall strength. A common measuring tool for figuring this is the size, which consists of the number of personnel serving in the organization.

A Wise Chinese man once said, “In order to attack the strong, you must nurture them to make them even stronger.”

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Within the heart of Venezuela’s dark and mysterious jungle lie islands; not islands with coconut laden palm trees swinging in the warm summer breeze or crystal blue water lapping backwards and forwards onto white sandy beaches, but isolated islands of sandstone which have eventually been forgotten by time.

To the Pemon, the aboriginals of the region known as the Gran Sabana, these flat-topped mountains are called tepuis. Mount Roraima is the tallest of tepui plateau in the Pakaraima chain in South America. Mount Roraima is on the three borders of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. Most of these tepuis are remote and are almost permanently shrouded in mist and clouds, even during the dry season. Thunderstorms are frequent and heavy downpours are a way of life. Some of the tepuis even have swamp-like surfaces while others have been washed by rainfall to almost sheer sandstone.

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We love the kids, don’t we? But Harli Jordean, the 8 year old kid, soon to be 9, is just too cute. Harli Jordean was born in Stoke Newington, London in spring 2003. And he is definitely not your average eight year old. When his friends are busy playing computer games, he is engaged in buying stock, liaising with suppliers and handling orders for his internet marble empire, Marble King. This tiny little lad is not only absolutely adorable, but also a potential businessman.

Nearly for the past two years, petite Harli Jordean has been selling marbles. Marble King, Harli Jordean’s successful marble company, sells everything that is marble-related, from affordable tubs of the glass playthings to significantly pricier items like Duke of York solitaire tables. And what’s great about this is that the mini CEO himself sources purchases and processes these items.

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Deutsche Bank AG reported a fall in its first-quarter net profit by one-third from a record level a year earlier. Deutsche Bank blames this on the sluggish client activity, which has continued to pressurize investment banking activities across the board and due to exceptional charges has resulted in the bank’s effort to reduce risks.

Outgoing Chief Executive Josef Ackermann said, “We continue to pursue our strategy of reducing legacy risks and strengthening our capital position”. He added that Deutsche Bank still posted “solid results” against the backdrop “of continued caution in global financial markets”.

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Warren Buffett was diagnosed Tuesday with prostate cancer, a development that would probably heighten the questions over his successor as the chief executive of his corporation, Berkshire Hathaway. However, Mr. Buffett has made it very clear that he would continue to run his corporation, writing to shareholders that the disease was in Stage 1 and that he had been told by doctors that it was not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way.
The disclosure of the diagnosis was made just three weeks before Berkshire’s annual meeting, when thousands of shareholders descend upon Omaha, Mr. Buffett’s hometown, and for two days celebrate him as an investing giant.

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Muhtar Kent, chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola, whose brands include Fanta, Vitaminwater and Minute Maid juices said, “That says more than anything that we’ve been able to crack the calculus in this challenging environment”. Coco-Cola’s revenue grew 6 percent to $11.14 billion, compared with $10.5 billion in Q1 last year, driven by a 5 percent increase in sales volume driven by even larger increases in emerging markets. After India, China experienced the greatest growth, 9 percent, followed by a more modest 4 percent in Brazil.

Mr. Kent characterized Coco-Cola’s success to investments it continued to make during the economic downturn that are now paying off as the American economy is slowly stabilizing and emerging markets are gaining even more pressure. He believes that the Americans have begun traveling and eating out more, which increases sales of the company’s products. But sales in Europe remain weak and show little sign of improvement.

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Citigroup made profits of $2.9 billion in the first three months of the year. Citigroup said that it had been helped by record revenue from processing transactions for its international clients and more customers repaying loans on time. Citibank fell short of the $1.01 expected by analysts surveyed by FactSet, even though it earned 95 cents per share. Revenue fell 2 percent to $19.4 billion from the year-ago quarter.

This means that Citigroup has faced a slight drop compared to the same quarter last year. However, this is a big jump on the bank’s profit of 1.2 billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2011 when financial markets were struggling under the effects of the eurozone financial crisis.

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Americans purchased more electronics, began home improvement projects, updated wardrobes, inspired by warmer weather and a healthier job market. Americans shrugged off high gasoline prices in March and spent more strongly than expected. This has led to an economic growth in the first quarter which probably was not as weak as many had feared.

The Commerce Department said Monday that there was 0.8 percent rise noticed in retail sales increased 0.8 percent, after rising 1.0 percent in February. Some of the increase went to higher gas prices. Still, steeper gas prices haven’t deterred Americans from spending more on other goods. Economist expectations were handily beaten by the last months gain, for only a 0.3 percent rise and indicated sturdy consumer spending in the first three months of 2012.

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