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Links 1 through 10 of 44 by Gregory Cole tagged steve_poizner

It's looking like a Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman match-up.

And not only is Whitman pounding GOP rival Steve Poizner in the primary, she's opened up a narrow, if statistically insignificant, 46 percent to 43 percent lead on Brown in the general election, according to the latest Field Poll released this morning.

The hypothetical match-up between Brown and Whitman was asked of 748 Californians likely to vote Nov. 2. Those numbers are within the margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points reported by the pollsters.

Whitman led Brown among both Republicans and nonpartisan voters, and in Southern California and the Central Valley.

Brown led in the Bay Area and Northern California, and among voters ages 18 to 39.
All but over in the GOP primary election

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One of the first predictions offered me about the 2010 governor’s race in California came late last year from Patrick Reddy, a former Assembly Democratic staffer who had just written a book about the state’s current political landscape.

His prediction: At some point, a Republican candidate would start talking tough about illegal immigration.

“Republican consultants can’t resist it,” Reddy told me. “It’s in their DNA.”

It didn’t take long for Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner to pick up the playbook. It his first television commercial, released last week, two of the three specific policy proposals he cites for dealing with California’s economic woes have to do with illegal immigrants: cutting off all government services and requiring police officers to check the residency status of everyone they arrest.
Meg Whitman while contrating herself with Poizner has been floating the same policy positions

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US Senate
Chuck DeVore 194 - 68.6%
Carly Fiorina 89 - 31.4%

Governor (Round 1)
Steve Poizner 176 - 63.8%
Meg Whitman 66 - 23.9%
Larry Naritelli 34 - 12.3%

Governor (Round 2)
Steve Poizner 178 - 79.1%
Meg Whitman 47 - 20.9%

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Gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore are trailing significantly in their bids for the respective Republican nominations, but they got a bit of a boost today when they won the endorsements of the California Republican Assembly at the group’s Buena Park convention.

My colleague Niyaz Pirani yesterday talked to folks at the conservative grassroots group’s 75th Anniversary confab, and some said they needed to consider viability as well as positions in making its endorsements. But idealism seemed to carry the day. Poizner (11 percent) trails Meg Whitman (41 percent) in the GOP gubernatorial race, and DeVore (8 percent) trails Tom Campbell (27 percent) and Carly Fiorina (16 percent), according to a January poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.
Meg Whitman is far ahead in the Gov race and the GOP nominee for CA-Sen will not be DeVore. So, the CRA endorsement is worthless.

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner is set to unveil his first television spot of the campaign Tuesday -- painting himself as the race's true conservative and dissing his Republican rival Meg Whitman.

The ad refers to Poizner as a Ronald Reagan-style supply-side tax-cutter, and offering him as the best hope to save California "from liberal failure."

The ad berates Whitman for "false negative attacks on Republican Steve Poizner's conservative solutions."

Poizner also vows to "Save billions by cutting taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens."
Jut the start of the ad wars

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Can there be more California political news dropping Tuesday? On the day that Jerry Brown will make the obvious official, GOP guv candidate Steve Poizner finally launches his ad campaign with TWO 30-second TV spots going statewide Tuesday. We say finally because every political dork in the state has been asking him when he's going to launch for months.

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Steve Poizner is prepared to hold his fire against Meg Whitman, his opponent for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, until the final month of the primary campaign, according to wavering supporters who were told of the strategy in an appeal for them to stay with him.

In conversations with top officials in the Poizner campaign, his top political backers have been asked to remain patient as Poizner waits until the final weeks of the June 8 primary before he starts pummeling Whitman on the airwaves with an $18 million on-air assault, the backers told the Bay Area News Group. They spoke on condition of anonymity about the sensitive strategy they said was relayed to them. They haven't officially declared their switch to Whitman, but some have brought the strategic intelligence to Whitman's campaign team.
A negative campaign that late in the game is gambling. Is it over for Poizner now?

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As backers of Jerry Brown gear up their efforts to take on Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, more of Whitman's backers are urging Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner to fold his gubernatorial campaign in the name of "unity."

An e-mail released this morning from three state lawmakers who were backing Whitman said the time had come for Poizner to step aside.

"Democrats have made it clear they will do whatever it takes to help the faltering campaign of Steve Poizner, but we cannot let that happen," said the e-mail, signed by Assembly members Jim Nielsen (R-Yuba City), Connie Conway (R-Tulare) and Sen. Mark Wyland (R-Escondido). "It's time for Steve to do the right thing, step aside and join us in supporting Meg Whitman so we can stop Jerry Brown in November and end business as usual in Sacramento."

The e-mail was met with an angry response from Poizner's campaign.

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In its first on-air foray -- a 30-second radio ad attacking Meg Whitman -- an independent Democratic group is being accused of meddling in the Republican gubernatorial primary and favoring Whitman's GOP opponent Steve Poizner.

The group, Level The Playing Field 2010, released the radio ad Tuesday that directly attacks Whitman for planning to spend her personal fortune to win the governorship.

"She's threatening to spend one hundred and fifty million dollars to crown herself governor," a woman's voice intones.

The ad, and where it was placed -- stations that cater to conservative listeners -- convinced Whitman's campaign that Brown's supporters are trying to pick sides in the GOP primary.
Just like the Dems did with Riordan and Simon years ago. They realize Whitman is a stronger candidate against ol Crusty Jerry Brown and his likely partner Gavin Newsom

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Looking at the PPIC poll ‘s score of the governor’s race in the Republican primary, some might wonder if Steve Poizner is finished. I’m not one of them.

Even though Poizner is 30 points behind Meg Whitman this is no time to close the books on the campaign. Voters don’t pay close attention until a month or so out from Election Day. The recent heralded victory of Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race is only the most recent example of a candidate coming from way down in the polls to snatch victory. Brown’s winning surge occurred over the last ten days of the campaign.

Richard Riordan, the former mayor of Los Angeles, was the prohibitive favorite to capture the 2002 Republican gubernatorial nomination. One month before the March primary election, Riordan was 33 points ahead of eventual winner Bill Simon.

Of course, in that race Simon had the benefit of Democratic Governor Gray Davis dropping millions of dollars in ads against Riordan
Poizner is done.

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