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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Patrick Cormier tagged IMBOK+Ottawa

A lot of talk in the blogosphere (see posts by Dion Hinchcliffe, Rod Boothby) about making Web 2.0 happen in corporate contexts, behind firewalls. How can you go beyond the hype and fancy graphs and introduce web 2.0 technologies in corporate and governme

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I have a 5 months (approx) casual employment opportunity to offer - Canadian Federal Government, in Ottawa, CS-02 level. If you are a good and motivated Drupal programmer / developer, or know someone like this; please check my post on

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Check out The Ottawa Citizen today, two full page spreads (and more) on BarCamp Ottawa, pages F1 and F3. Great article written by Peter Hum.

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Wow! What a day! BarCamp Ottawa was truly mind-invigorating. The following sessions were my favorite. There were others that I would have liked to attend; but many of them were held concurrently, so I had to pick...

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[s]ometime after 19:00 I made my way to Fox & Feather to meet some of the BarCamp Ottawa participants and organizers. Kudos for the Toronto crowd - lots of them came in for the occasion!

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