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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Patrick Cormier tagged IMBOK+BPR

Solely relying on workflow and business process analysis is not good enough, as you risk capturing only a subset of the real set of information requirements in the workplace.

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As I read two recent posts on the subject topic (Business and I.T. Must Work Together to Manage New "Web 2.0" Tools by Dennis D. McDonald and Jeremiah Owyang and The Lawyer-IT Dialogue by Simon Fodden), I realized how much of a universal challenge the rel

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Process isn’t going away, at least for the vast majority of situations to which it’s been applied. For any sort of structured work activity, processes are the key to efficiency, quality, and efficient use of IT. For business activities like manufactur

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I have seen several threads and blogs about the impact of social networks on business processes. The concept is interesting and should be taken seriously by large organizations. Why? By focusing (...)

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Ross begins his article with the following thought provoking lead: "If a knowledge worker has the organization's information in a social context at their finger tips (...) is there a role for business process as we know it?"

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