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Links 1 through 10 of 73 by @nm tagged _MyWriting/Comments

But I would rather consume these stock-specific streams on Twitter itself.
[My thought: me too, My prediction: someone will do this, probably soon, includes a comment by me]

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A bunch of us want to set up a wiki associated to Azimuth, so we can more effectively gather and distribute scientific knowledge related to the overarching theme of “how to save the planet”.

in the comments, I said: "I recommend that you use the same software for the wiki and the discussions. Something like Google Wave (but I’m not recommending Google Wave because I don’t know enough about it to recommend it). Also, please deflect your RSS feeds, e.g. for this blog, to Twitter and Those are my (and many others) main tools for following people & projects these days. Good luck! –Nancy (@nm)"

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includes this comment by me: If it has IMAP, automatic forwarding (and optionally leaving a copy at hotmail), let’s me use my own domain, and has an option (possibly via paying) to turn off ads, I’ll consider it.

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[includes a comment by me]
Longtime readers know that I struggle with email. I hate it but I cannot operate without it. I have gotten hundreds of suggestions on how to become more efficient with email and I have adopted many of them. But the more efficient I get with email, the more of it that comes in.

My friend Stu Roseman is hacking together yet another web service to make email easier and I was testing it last week. He was seeing my email flow because of that and at one point he sent me an email which said "I am in awe that you can handle this amount of mail."

I am not in awe, I am in pain. And it is a pain that never goes away. That's email and that's why I am yet again bankrupt.

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I used to be the biggest user of Google Reader. At one point the Google Reader team told me I shared more items than anyone else. But lately it's a rare month I've checked into it and Twitter is in the process of adding a new feature -- lists -- that is getting me off of Google Reader altogether.


Several reasons...

[includes a comment by me]

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I discovered that a URL has to be less than 30 characters, or Twitter automatically creates a Tinyurl version of the URL. This, even if the entire message is less than 140 characters.

There's no way I can create URLs that are less than 30 character and still maintain my subdomain designations. Therefore I'm not going to try, and will most likely be removing any short URL stuff here. With all the recent "one million followers" foo flah, including the breathless designation that one person achieving one million Twitter followers is equivalent to landing a man on the moon and space flight, in scientific importance, I would just as soon stick with stodgy old weblogging.

Weblogging, where no one really knows how many people are following you, most people don't care, we can actually communicate complete thoughts, and do what we want with our URLs. /
[includes comments by me]

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It is the exception that you want to preserve the fonts, formatting etc. Usually, you want to just paste the damned text in. [includes a comment by me]

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If you use the site. You are vulnerable. If you use the or blogging services, you are vulnerable. If you use, you are very vulnerable.

The best solution I have seen so far is to find a service provider that will host your wordpress blog and archive the database for you. You must also do an off-line backup and store backups of the database—not just the posts and pages—of your blog.

Recreating a wordpress blog would still take work, but at least you can do it.

PS. I scared myself writing this post. The state of blogging really sucks.

[includes a comment by me]

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[includes a comment by me] summaries of the days events as they happen, but without the crap of the mainstream media, which includes rehashing stories, celebrity crap, or general fluff

The problem is that the news media is in the business of filling s

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