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Links 1 through 10 of 448 by @nm tagged SysAdmin

Use the -C switch of tar:

tar -czvf my_directory.tar.gz -C my_directory .
The -C my_directory tells tar to change the current directory to my_directory, and then . means "add the entire current directory" (including hidden files and sub-directories).

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Although the laptop came with Windows 7 installed, I had no intention of using it; Ubuntu is my current operating system of choice for laptops/desktops. Rather than wiping Windows 7, I've left it as a honeypot operating system. If a thief steals the laptop, when they turn it on, it will automatically boot up into Windows, without so much as even being prompted for a password. I installed a free application called Prey which will allow me to grab loads of information from the laptop, such as its location, and pictures from the built in webcam. The location is pretty accurate because the laptop came with an F5521gw (pdf) card, which provides GPS and 3G modem capability, and Prey is happy to take advantage of GPS data. Incidently this card also works fine under Linux using MBM. Hopefully, the thief will be too lazy or too dumb to do an immediate full reinstall of the OS, as it will just work out of the box as far as they're concerned.

To make room for Ubuntu on the disk, I installed GPar

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hotmail will try to send mail to port 25 of the hosts configured as
your A records first, and if it manages to make a connection, will completely
ignore your MX records.

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We recommend that you do not change the envelope sender when forwarding email to Gmail. Sometimes, when forwarding email, the envelope sender gets changed to your domain. When this happens, Gmail may learn that your domain2 is sending spam, and will treat other emails from this domain as spam as well.
Are you using procmail for forwarding? Please note that procmail is one of the most common reasons why the envelope sender gets changed when forwarding. Adding the following to your config file will fix this issue:
SENDER=`formail -c -x Return-Path`

Alternatively, changing the envelope sender is ok if you do one of the following:

Put "SPAM" in the subject
OR discard any spam emails and not forward them to Gmail at all.

SpamAssassin is a free spam filter that can be used for identifying spam outside of Gmail, and putting "SPAM" in the subject.

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Reset SMC of a MacBook or MacBook Pro’s with an internal battery:
* Shutdown your MacBook/Pro
* Connect the power adapter to your Mac
* On the MacBook/Pro’s keyboard, hold down the Shift+Control+Option keys and the Power button at the same time
* Release all keys and the power button at the same time
* Boot your Mac as usual

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My actual .vimrc contains only what's necessary to load the stuff I have in my Dropbox. On OSX and Linux, it looks like this:

set runtimepath+=~/Dropbox/vim
source ~/Dropbox/vim/vimrc.vim

On Windows, like this:

set runtimepath+=$HOME/My\ Documents/My\ Dropbox/vim
source $HOME\My Documents\My Dropbox\vim\vimrc.vim

And that's it!

(Actually, I put the vimrc's above in my Dropbox as well, so I don't have to remember them whenever I set up a new computer or re-install an old one.)

The free version of Dropbox will give you a 30 day revision history, the paid one will give you full revision history. Note that if you're on Linux, it's easiest if you use GNOME, for which Dropbox has a nice client.

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I have had exactly the same problem for a few months, but I think I've fixed it. I was using google's IPv4 DNS addresses ( and and I just switched them to the IPv6 options
(2001:4860:4860::8888 / 2001:4860:4860::8844) and it's tentatively fixed.

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4.3 How can I terminate the [Live Essentials] services?
You may terminate the services at any time and for any reason. You can do this by going to Account Services ( and following the account closure process at that link.

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