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Links 1 through 10 of 152 by @nm tagged Hardware

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turn your monitor off (so you can better see the dirty spots), and grab a dry microfiber cloth. Many monitors and other gadgets come with one. From there, just gently wipe the screen. If you have a more hearty build-up of spots or gunk, resist the urge to press hard and wet the cloth with a 50-50 mix of water and white vinegar. You can use a special monitor cleaner if you desire, but the vinegar/water mix should work just fine. If you can, though, use distilled water instead of tap water, as tap water is likely to leave white spots on your screen from salt or other deposits.

Remember, as you're doing this, that you want to use a soft cloth, preferably microfiber. Do not use anything paper-based, like paper towel, Kleenex, or toilet paper, since it can scratch up your monitor. Also remember never to spray any liquid on the monitor itself—always spray it on your cloth first.

Clean Your Keyboard with Compressed Air and Rubbing Alcohol

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"We kept building larger structures until we emerged out of the quantum mechanical into the classical data storage regime and we reached this limit at 12 atoms."
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“Start Quote

As a scientist [I] would totally dig having a scanning tunnelling microscope in every household”

Sebastian Loth Research lead author
The groups of atoms, which were kept at a very low temperatures, were arranged using a scanning tunnelling microscope. Researchers were subsequently able to form a byte made of eight of the 12-atom bits.

Central to the research has been the use of materials with different magnetic properties.

The magnetic fields of bits made from conventional ferromagnetic materials can affect neighbouring bits if they are packed too closely together.

"In conventional magnetic data storage the information is stored in ferromagnetic material," said Dr Loth, who is now based at the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science in Germany.

"That adds up to a big

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New concept images by Yves Behar's
Fuseproject feature a new sleek,
all-touch design.

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the XO 3.0, the tablet will feature an 8-inch 1024×768 screen with some models also offering a PixelQi 3qi display that mimics E-paper. A Marvell Armada PXA618 chip and 512MB of RAM reside in the tablet’s ruggedized shell and will run either Linux Sugar or Android OS.
With a bare-bones feature set, the OLPC tablet should cost about $100 per unit (around £65)—up from the original estimated price of $75 (£50), but still way cheaper than virtually any other tablet on the market.
The coolest feature that the XO 3.0 can be powered by hand-cranking—to the tune of 10 minutes of run time for every minute of work.

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4. 24-inch is the "just right" physical size of monitor for most people (and desks)

The question of "How big is too big?" starts at anything 25 inches or greater. Sure, you could buy a 25, 26, 27 or even a 30-inch monitor right now if you wanted to. But is this a proper size for a desktop PC setup? Not usually.

With a 24-inch display you do not have to turn your head side to side to see everything and can still keep the same seated position you’ve always had at your desk. Go above 24 however and you’ll be doing a lot of unnecessary head turning. Gamers of course love anything where the display is too big to fit into your field of vision because it adds to the "immersive experience", and those who are engineers of course want the largest possible

5. LED-backlighting blows away standard backlighting

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