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Links 1 through 10 of 47 by Clint JCL tagged transparency

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You can help. Cancel your Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover card and choose to deal with a credit card company that doesn't try to tell YOU where you are allowed to spend your money.

Visa lets you donate to groups like Aryan Nation with known ties to Obama assassination plots -- but not to Wikileaks, who is only guilty of unleashing truth upon the world.

Don't just move your money out of megabanks into credit unions -- also move your credit cards to them too.

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Another way Obama is worse than Bush. Truth, freedom, and the American way? Well, not so much if truth is involved. 40% more documents were classified this year than last, despite Obama's promise of an open government, and promise to declassify information. Obama has charged whistleblowers under the Espionage Act more than all the presidents of the last 225 years combined.

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Obama promised government transparency. I don't remember Bush promising that, which, to me, for this one issue, makes Obama the bigger liar.

Between the ridiculous war waged against Wikileaks (truth is treason!) and Obama's general treatment of whistleblowers, to hear this is simply an additional slap in the face.

And I didn't even vote for the man (no I'm not stupid enough to vote for McCain either!). I gotta wonder how much more that slap stings when received by someone who swallowed his bullshit enough to vote for him.

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So do I file this under Obama's promise of a transparent government, or under hope & change? Or under "nahhh, democrats don't like big business"? Which bucket of lies do I file this under?

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Yup. Obama's so-called transparent government of change and hope includes killing secret people in secret, and never talking about it. Hope? Change? Transparency? Bullshit.

This is state sanctioned murder of American citizens without due process or any form of legal recourse whatsoever. This is NOT cool.

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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. And now: Ignorance is strength.

The law was designed to make public officials accountable for their actions, and now 6 out of 7 judges have used it to make precedent in the exact opposite fashion. Land of the brave? Not anymore. The establishment protects its own.

Police, paid for by the public taxpayer moneys, will now create records that the taxpayers cannot see. This is govt of and for the people?!?!

This is also going to make freedom of press harder to achieve, by making it cost more money to get the same info. That's a way of quashing freedom by technicality: Simply make it prohibitively expensive. Protest permits work that way, too. Ever seen a protest of homeless people? Didn't think so.

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Obama: Continuing Bush's legacy.
You can bet Reporters Without Borders is going to lower us in the international free speech index, and rightly so.

Of course a lot of Obama shills and liberal types will hide behind the law. "They broke the law therefore they deserve this." "We need information to be classified for national security purposes". Yeah. Hiding behind the unknown; arguments of faith the likes of which usually come out of religious people.

And conservatives probably mostly feel the same way. Of course, both the far left and the far right are anti-freedom. Me? The government is by, of, and for the people. If people want to break rules in a way that brings government transparency to the people against the government's will, then that is a good thing.


Even if you release nuclear launch codes.

You really think it's possible to launch nukes with some leaked information? Yeah right.

Open source is more secure than closed source. Same thing with government.

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