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Links 1 through 10 of 40 by Clint JCL tagged threats

Thing is, the guy had polio. He couldn't actually run. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY he will prove his innocence in court. Maricopa county is VERY unfriendly to brown people. Officers Tedesco, Mills and Neidenbach sound like total fucking scumbags way worse than your average criminal.

He couldn't go to the hospital until his wife bailed him out, and the hospital said he almost died from a blood clot forming in his brain.

Basically, if he didn't have money, he probably would have been randomly killed by the police.

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Share It With Others!

A good article summarizing the FUCKED UP STATE OF FREEDOM that currently exists in America.
Our tax dollars going to electrically torture children for acting up? Check!
Tasing people to death? Check!
Tasing diabetics for having seizures? Check!
Tasing foster youghs until they shit their pants in fear? Check!
Tasing someone on a ledge so they fall to their death? Check! [at least that officer had the honor to kill himself afteward]
Living in America! Land of the "Free"!

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We destroyed 10s of 1000s of lives without compensation - and we're still threatening them to allow us to do it again. And we still want special treatment - liability caps, no government liability [unlike with France and Russia]. Basically, we fucked over a whole populace, and now we're threatening them if they don't allow us to have a framework that would allow us to do the same thing again. Fuck Union Carbide, Bhopal is among one of the worst things any corporation has ever done.

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How 'bout I lock you up for years, threaten you with rape, and see what YOU confess too? Seeing as the Innocence Project has freed tons of people who confessed and were later disproven via DNA testing, how the fuck can this make any sense?

How about we get a real case and real evidence to convict people. You know, like how a proper justice system is supposed to work?

We are looking more and more like the terrorists we decry every day. Bin Laden won.

Nevermind that this guy was a child soldier, and child soldiers are supposed to be considered brainwashed victims of coicumstance (yes, I'm talking like Curly from the Three Stooges). Of course, we're one of the few countries that tries juveniles as adults. We just loooove our justice. If somebody fries, it makes everyone feel like something was "accomplished". But what was really accomplished is an erosion of human rights - on Obama's watch.


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And of course the corporation in charge of it all is keeping the public from being able to conduct any kind of independent investigation.

That's funny, because corporations were only supposed to originally be chartered with the public interest in mind. Amazing how much they have changed since the 1600s. Now they have more power and freedom than actual people, can wreck the environment, then employ our government of the people against those very same people in order to keep everything covered up. Amazing what capitalism has done to us. It's made it so we can't even find out what chemicals are being dumped into our rivers.

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I'd like to see ANYBODY justify this establishment-initiated student discrimination bullshit. Really!

Mr. Frank Altmire, Principal - give him a piece of your mind on this issue. I already sent this to my deaf friend who is circulating it around in her community:

136 Cedar Grove Rd.
Branchburg, NJ 08876
Phone: (908) 722-2400
Fax: (908) 722-4201

Safety and security: The last refuge of power-mongers.

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Except it wasn't. This is just like the people trying to ban the group of people praying for Obama's death on facebook. Exact. Same. Shit.

People: Freedom doesn't mean jack if it only applies to those you agree with. If you can't stand up for a group you hate on principle, you aren't really into freedom like you think you are.

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Share It With Others!

Afghanistan is sick of foreign interference. After all, Al-Queda did some training there 0 yrs ago, then mostly stopped. Obama's administration admits there are fewer than 100 Al-Queda in Afghanistan. Yet we are still shipping off 10s of 1000s of troops to interfere in a country that has had invaders and wars for almost 30 years straight.

This is another Vietnam. We're not going to win. Even Karzai has said he might join the Taliban if we don't stop joining in their affairs.

I love how the Obama-worshiping ultra-liberals justified the Afghanistan war after decrying it during the Bush years. Fact of the matter: War is bullshit. Al Queda left Afghanistan. Most of the 911 attackers were from Saudi Arabia. A full scale war is not making us safer; we're just creating new victims and new hate for America.

Want to take out Al Queda? Use covert ops and assassinate the 100 Al Queda left in Afghanistan. Destroying an entire country for years doesn't work.

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