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Links 1 through 10 of 264 by Clint JCL tagged science

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Make a 3 minute phone call to contribute your voice and vocal patterns to a scientific database used to detect parkinson's disease, which apparently can be detected by how you talk. Have they run this thing on Michael J. Fox yet? I'm calling now.

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best headline ever! Annotated link

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Slowly, one by one, over the past 50 years, almost every non-scientific myth about marijuana has been disproven.

First, it turned you into an axe murderer. Then people wised up that that was bullshit.

Then, it caused males to grow breasts. Then people wised up to that.

Then, it killed brain cells. People still believe this, but it's not actually true. (Alcohol does, most other drugs do not.)

Then, it was a gateway drug. But the gateway drugs for most people are actually alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and prescriptions (prescription drug abuse VASTLY outnumbering street drug abuse).

Then, "oh, the smoke is so much worse than cigarette smoke because you breathe it in deeper", and other such associated bullshit.

Except a 20 year study now proves that wrong. For occasional users, anyway. For heavy users -- sometimes there are still problems. It's possible to overdo anything.

But the argument that marijuana can't be used as medicine because it's too dangerous to be smoked not only ignores the evidence in this study, but the fact that you don't have to smoke marijuana. You can vaporize or eat it! You can grow it in your house for free. That's a huge threat to companies that sell us painkiller drugs.

But the smoke? Not nearly as bad for your lungs as cigarettes -- which remain legal (and should remain legal), and kill 350,000 a year.

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It's a long read, but it just might save you money in the long run to be aware of the anchoring effect, and how much it affects how much you are willing to pay for things.

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Peer-reviewed - Fukushima is linked to14,000 deaths in America. I remember hearing about the wet coast infant mortality spike when it happened. Anyone care to submit a reason I should not believe this? 

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Anyone who knows more about biology wanna chime on on this? The corps don't want to go down this route because it's not patentable, and there's no money to be had for curing people. This is why national health care is better - the burden is to be cheap to reduce tax burden. Private health care's burden is to be expensive to prop up the corporation. (and of course national doesn't criminalize private, so you get both if you have some money left over to pay for private).

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Obama promised government transparency. I don't remember Bush promising that, which, to me, for this one issue, makes Obama the bigger liar.

Between the ridiculous war waged against Wikileaks (truth is treason!) and Obama's general treatment of whistleblowers, to hear this is simply an additional slap in the face.

And I didn't even vote for the man (no I'm not stupid enough to vote for McCain either!). I gotta wonder how much more that slap stings when received by someone who swallowed his bullshit enough to vote for him.

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