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Links 1 through 10 of 137 by Clint JCL tagged racism

Of course the worst stories (like these) are disproportionately non-white people.... which makes me wonder just how deliberate this type of targeting is.

So glad I took all my money away from these assholes, and dropped it in a local credit union instead!

Everyone should follow suit.

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Why did these two daughters have to watch their father - a black male - get shot to death?

Because the police were concerned for their safety!

You see, a black man with children in a truck. That's suspicious. Cause for concern. 

The officers clearly had no choice but to shoot this man, after he forced their hand. This is a good use of our tax dollars. {this paragraph is sarcasm}

How much longer are we going to take this shit?

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"I've fallen, and I can't get up". Remember those commercials? Well it's not like that in real life. Not if you're black! The police will break down your door to "help" you by calling you a nigger before shooting you to death. Our tax dollars at work.

Don't by Lifeline Medic Alert services

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All caught on video. Because smart black people know that catching it on video is the only way anybody is ever going to believe anything (if you're black). If a cop gets shot, the whole county is supposed to have a parade and be all sad. If a black person gets shot -- well, they were probably on drugs or in a gang, right? [sarcasm]

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Do you have a foot injury?
Do you have a language barrier?
Are you not Caucasian?

Then a great deal of people think it's completely valid for an officer to pull you over, and brake your arm.

Don't believe me? Just read the assholes commenting on this article.

I think the lawsuit isn't asking for nearly enough.

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This guy is here *LEGALLY*, and he had a *VALID* id.

First off, cops can't demand id if you aren't driving. There is no legal requirement to carry id, and they can only detain you to check your identity if you are suspected of a crime.

I'm sorry, speaking spanish while smoking a cigarette is something millions of american citizens can legally do. It is not probable cause for any king of detainment whatsoever.

But guess what? This guy had valid id, and produced it anyway, even though it was not required. And they still jailed him for 5 days. They even released him before finding out their mistake.

And the comments on this article? Racist fucking idiots who didn't even read the fucking article.

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Thing is, the guy had polio. He couldn't actually run. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY he will prove his innocence in court. Maricopa county is VERY unfriendly to brown people. Officers Tedesco, Mills and Neidenbach sound like total fucking scumbags way worse than your average criminal.

He couldn't go to the hospital until his wife bailed him out, and the hospital said he almost died from a blood clot forming in his brain.

Basically, if he didn't have money, he probably would have been randomly killed by the police.

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I love how the police say she never requested her mediation. Why would a person IN THE PROCESS OF DYING not ask for the medication that they were calling the police to report the theft of!

Another pointless war on drugs death that doesn't even have much to do with drugs at all -- except the legal ones Lupus sufferers must use to survive!

It probably didn't help that she wasn't a white woman, so virginia redneck racism came into play. Of course, the warrant was for a white person.

Reminds me of my friend Ravi Shankar, who, also a minority, was falsely arrested by police, called a raghead - even though the warrant was for a different Ravi Shankar of different height, weight, and, I believe race.

But if you're not white, a name on the warrant is good enough for racist police. I'm going to call this racism.

Novel idea: If you're not yet convicted, don't leave people in cells unattended and without medical care. Fuck you, Virginia police.

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If cops weren't pigs, situations like this wouldn't exist. It takes a LOT of pigs for things to get this bad. Black arrested at a 16:1 ratio? No shooting in 6 yrs found unjustified? EVERY fatal shooting being a black person? 911 calls not in english going unanswered?

If police aren't pigs, how do situations like this occur?

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Wow. The cops here are total fucking assholes! I'm assuming there must be a race issue involved.

Grandmas baking cookies shouldn't get the shit beat out of them for telling an officer without a warrant to get out of their house! We have rights, this is not a police state!

Jason Breunig is a fucking asshole!

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