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Links 1 through 10 of 64 by Clint JCL tagged prisoners

The rate us up to 760 prisoners per 100,000 now? 

That's a 5X increase since 1980!

Did 5 times as many americans suddenly become evil and worthy of spending $30K/yr "taking care of them" in prison?


We imprison more prisoners than any nation, both in absolute numbers and in percentages. 25% of all prisoners on planet earth are american.

Those voting Democrat helped create this as sure as those voting Republican did. And Obama did nothing to reverse this tide

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Bryan Benson is a scumbag pig. Amazing that there are comments in here saying that it was the victim's fault, despite the fact that she was under arrest at the time. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Imagine if "cop" had been substituted with "black man" and the victim had been substituted with a white woman -- This would be death row material then.

His Dad is a cop - how much you want to bet he had DaddyPiggy pull some strings? How much you want to bet Benson's perceived attitude that he can just take what he wants is based on growing up with a Pig as a father?

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This shows everything that is wrong with America. We pretend to be free, but we are not. You are less likely to be harassed by your own government in MANY other countries!

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Constitutional Rights. Everyone has them, even prisoners (except the right to bear arms, which is at direct odds with being incarcerated. And oh, for some reason, felons aren't permitted to vote, which is also bullshit).

It's sad that Virginia has wasted my tax dollars trying to enforce censorship and stupidity against it's prisoners. Everyone has a right to learn about their own legal rights, Fuck Virginia.

Meanwhile, the two murderers I know have faced nothing for their crimes, because my state is too busy wasting money on bullshit like this.

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According to a top aide to Colin Powell, high-ranking members of the Bush Administration *KNEW* that *HUNDREDS* of innocent were sent to Guantanamo Bay prison camp, where they were tortured, treated inhumanely, and detained for years for crimes they did not commit.

Colin Powell is backing this declaration, too.

Remember when Obama promised Guantanamo would be closed? About 3 years ago he promised, then reneged and said "in a year". Now it's been about three. Innocent people are still there, and Obama lied about freeing them. Is he really that much better than Bush?

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He's not even gone to trial yet, and he's in solitary confinement for 23 out of every 24 hours.
He's not allowed to exercise -- cameras watch him to make sure he doesn't.
He's not allowed to have a pillow.
He's not allowed to have sheets.
He's not allowed to watch the news.
And this is as someone innocent until proven guilty.

The terrorists already won 10 yrs ago. We're a pussy nation who will take away our own citizens' rights in order to enforce the ideals of us thrashing around madly and insanely in response to some buildings that were destroyed 10 yrs ago, killing fewer people than 1 month's worth of car accidents.

And yes: This is a direct indictment of the Obama Administration, and his "hope and change" bullshit.

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Killing a soldier that raped your sister is completely justified when there is no justice system or way to prosecute Americans under the Iraqi system. What is not justified is a U.S. Army Major ordering someone's execution using the same techniques the terrorists use. We raped, then beheaded. Why are we there again? To stop terrorism and torture? What about when we're the ones doing it?

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Yup. Obama "closed" Bush's Big Bad Guantanamo -- except he didn't. And he has his own guantanamo. Don't want the habeas corpus rights that took the Guantanamo people 9 years to earn? Just stick 'em in Bagram. No rights there.

Same shit, different president.

Indefinite detention of prisoners of war without actual geneva convention rights, and without ever declaring war. Obama may as well be Bush.

But hey, I told you that in 2008.

I love how part of the ruling is based on the fact that "there is no indication of any intent to occupy the base with permanence.” Yup. Tell that to Japan, Saudia Arabia, South Korea, or any of the other countries we have military bases on -- over half the countries on the planet.

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