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Links 1 through 10 of 31 by Clint JCL tagged polie

Afterward, the department said they would "investigate" the complaints against this brutality. But they also said they will not watch the video the veteran took.

What a great "investigation"!  Fucking pigs.  Call a mental health worker if you're too much of a pussy to subdue a fat homeless woman without punching her in the face.

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This is now how you to police work. This is not how you use force. You don't come in guns blaring without knowing the situation. Spencer Roy is an idiot cop. Lawsuit should be lost, police should admit wrongdoing, Spencer Roy should go back to the police academy to get re-trained, and should not be on the streets. If people call the police for protection and get assaulted instead, then they are getting screwed out of the tax dollars they paid for such services. This is wrong.

To add insult to injury, the idiot officer Spencer Roy then charged THE GUY WHO CALLED THE POLICE with resisting arrest. How does that work again?

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No wrongdoing admitted. But the family just won a $875,000 lawsuit, which says a LOT.

Still, the guy who pulled the trigger? The scumbag was promoted. This is how the system protects its own. If you do something wrong, they put you in a position of greater power to offset things. You can bet the trigger-pulling scumbag officer's life is better after killing this real hero, than before.

What a coward cop.

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The details in this case are astounding.
She called 911 before her daughter was murdered.
She called a neighbor saying she thought the father might harm her.
The father had her blood on his shirt.
The father had her blood on his knife.
The father was a suspect in an unsolved 1977 murder.
The father was later convicted of another murder that happened the same year.
The father worked at a bar co-owned by a cop.
The D.A. let him testify against mommy in exchange for immunity.
And then there's the whole autopsy issue.

She finally got out, and is suing the fuck out of everyone. Rightly so. Dennis P. Donohue is a scumbag already in jail for murder, and suspected for another. District Attorneys Frank J. Clark and Joseph J. Marusak sound like corrupt scumbags who did their best to put an innocent woman in jail. They aren't D.A.s anymore, either.

This shows how tilted our justice system is towards simply FINDING A CONVICTION rather than actually solving the real crime.

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Gee, doesn't this sound like the BART Oakland Oscar Grant killing? "Oops, I meant to use my taser, but I shot him!" Now we get the sequel: "Oops, I meant to use my flashlight, but I shot him!"

Basically, cops can murder you, without charges being placed again you, say "oops", and get away with it.

The article doesn't say he was armed, which meant the police never said he was armed, which meant that he wasn't.

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Capt. Robert Arnold fatally shot James Whitehead. He was not on duty. He went there to return an item, got in an argument, and ended up shooting the guy to death. If the store doesn't want to let you return a part, that is a civil issue. You don't get to argue with someone. If they ask you to leave, you have to leave. Any fight is tresspassing on your part. This cannot be fucking self defense when the officer created the situation by arguing in the first place. But do you think he'll face a murder conviction? Not a chance. That's only for civilians.

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Yea, he lost his eye. And this was a guy sent to New Orleans to help! The cops fucking shot him in the eye, unarmed, after chasing him down after pointing a gun at him.

Remember: We hire cops for emergencies, among other things. But when those emergencies come, they will NOT be your friend.

These cops are DICKS. They should NOT be cops now. They should be IN JAIL.

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They also supposedly punched the daughter in the face. They yanked the mom out and put her into a patrol car. Arresting someone for a noise violation is not legal there. The judge chastised the officers. All charges were dropped. The family sued.

THE FAMILY WOULD HAVE TAKEN NO MONEY IF THE COPS APOLOGIZED, but the cops refused to, so they went ahead and took $100,000 taxpayer money in a settlement where, of course, the police admit no wrongdoing, despite the fact that THE JUDGE SAID THE POLICE WERE WRONG.

We the people get taxed, then we spend those taxes on authorities who terrorize us, admit no wrongdoing, and then take more of our tax money to pay out lawsuits. No wonder this country is fucked; there's no real checks and balances in place for dealing with police brutality. The law certainly doesn't stop them.

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Nevermind that there is no legal requirement to show your ID, unless you are driving. Pepperspraying someone in the face for trying to call their mother is over the top. And the city agrees: Ms. Screven just won a $65,000 settlement.

But do you really think that will stop the police, when Elix Hernandez won't have to pay the money himself?
Or the taxpayers, when settlements come out of insurance funds?

Isn't it interesting how new forms of police douchebaggery always seem to happen to someone who is black or latino? Especially interesting since the cop who did this is named Hernandez....

Major asshole comments on the article, too. "The woman obviously was deliberately breaking the rules for a payday! How dare she not show ID! Pepper spray is less force then putting an arm on her -- it has no chemicals!" Wow. No wonder this shit happens. We're fucking retards.

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There should be a federal law: Any authority figure who lies such that innocent people are knowingly sent to jail, should automatically receive a mandatory minimum of triple the time served by the inncoent. This guy didn't even go to jail -- he simply got suspended [with pay probably] for 1.6% of the time he sent someone to jail! What the hell?

Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle is a scumbag who should be removed from his position. By reducing the suspension of lying officer David Nevitt, he is telling cops everywhere that it's okay to lie and put people in jail for 10 months. And if you are luck enough to not accidentally get caught on video, prepare to rot for far longer than that.

As usual, fuck Texas -- The South is bad enough; Texas is its rectum.

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