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Links 1 through 10 of 29 by Clint JCL tagged oops

This guy is here *LEGALLY*, and he had a *VALID* id.

First off, cops can't demand id if you aren't driving. There is no legal requirement to carry id, and they can only detain you to check your identity if you are suspected of a crime.

I'm sorry, speaking spanish while smoking a cigarette is something millions of american citizens can legally do. It is not probable cause for any king of detainment whatsoever.

But guess what? This guy had valid id, and produced it anyway, even though it was not required. And they still jailed him for 5 days. They even released him before finding out their mistake.

And the comments on this article? Racist fucking idiots who didn't even read the fucking article.

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Yup. The leader of Israel is an asshole, and even the other leaders of the world are tired of their shit. Obama getting caught saying "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

And why is a tiny little country in the middle east our daily business? Lobbying, oil, religion. 

Of course, Obama's press will not mention this. Mr. Government Transparency only let reporters in if they promised to only discuss things that the government approves. American journalism is so fucking dead.

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This is the THIRD time in a year that Apple has fucked up the simple task of making a clock work on their phone. Apple. "It just works." Bwahahahahahahah.

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In the country which imprisons the highest amount of its population of any country in the world (America) , it is important to know that a LOT of people in jail are in jail because cops outright lied. Here's a guy who's going to get his conviction over turned -- not because there is justice in Amerika, but because the cops accidentally left a microphone on.

Officer Michael Little and Kyle Dawley are pigs; nobody should hire these scumbags.

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Gee, doesn't this sound like the BART Oakland Oscar Grant killing? "Oops, I meant to use my taser, but I shot him!" Now we get the sequel: "Oops, I meant to use my flashlight, but I shot him!"

Basically, cops can murder you, without charges being placed again you, say "oops", and get away with it.

The article doesn't say he was armed, which meant the police never said he was armed, which meant that he wasn't.

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Police fucked up the paperwork. They had a whole investigation because he dropped his heart medicine at Bluewater Fitness And Wellness Center. This wellness center called police on its own clients, and caused its own client to sit in jail without his medicine. How's that for wellness? If you go there, you should cancel your membership because of what they caused to happen to a client of there's.

HERE'S THE KICKER -- A field test showed the substance to be cocaine. These are the same field tests DEMONSTRATED TO CONGRESS to give positive cocaine test results to *AIR*. AIR!

IT GETS WORSE -- Later, a proper test determined it was NOT cocaine. But several months later, he was arrested for it anyway!

The ensuing lawsuit is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel...

This is what the war on drugs does. It doesn't make drugs go away any more than prohibition made alcohol go away. It simply robs the liberties of Americans, making us the least free country in the world by jailing rates.

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In summary, a dick shot his gun 5 times. He had 1 bullet left. Police came, fired 46 bullets, killed 1 guy, riddled another with 21 bullets, and shot some bystanders AND another cop. Then they lied about whose bullets killed the guy.

Typical "protect and serve". To stop 1 bullet, they fired 46.

Bloomberg lied about it too. "All we know is someone brought a gun...a civilian was killed with it." Nope. It was the cops who killed the civilian.

Funny thing about this story - it's the kind of headline you read, and think, "There's no way these people were white."

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Dicks! The guy had a medical condition and even knew ex-cops that stuck up for him and said this, and the cops threatened the ex-cops with arrest for telling them he was the homeowner.

Funny how all the stories about people getting arrested for burglary in their own home are about black people, huh?

Amazing that the police not only didn't listen to valid information provided by neighbors and witnesses, but threatened them with arrest for saying and doing the right thing.

And of course the police refused to apologize.

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