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Links 1 through 10 of 84 by Clint JCL tagged old

Ha!   I read about the Emma Frost / Cyclops / Jean Grey thing in wikipedia recently and was like "jesus fucking christ".. but Batman/Superman crying after watching tentacle sex, Green Lantern sleeping with a 13 year old, Wolverine trying to sleep with a 15 year old Mary Jane, and Nightcrawler knowingly banging his sister despite being Catholic? Wowie...

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Do you think civilians would only get three years for ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY rape charges?

This is why -- if you want to be a child rapist -- your best bet is to become a cop. (2nd best bet is to become a Catholic priest.)

Jason Elder: Child rapist.

We also have the "protect our children" war on drugs mentality that put this DARE officer there in the first place. So this becomes a War On Drugs issue too.

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Gee, Officer  Tina Marie Albrand -- if a gun is so dangerous that you have to break a 9 year old's bones because he "grabbed for it", maybe you shouldn't wear your fucking gun when dealing with 9 year olds. What, you're going to shoot them?
It's hard to be unworthy of being a pig, but you do it  Tina Marie Albrand.

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Cops arrest, but never charge, 77-year old man reporting to jury duty that dared to react mad when a "man" (another cop, likely) stole his stuff off of the x-ray machine conveyor belt. Yes, his stuff was stolen. His wife chased the guy down and got it back. The guy who stole the stuff was never arrested or charged. Probably because they were cops working together to steal jury duty peoples' stuff off the conveyor belt (esp. if they look old enough to not notice). No charges filed is the most telling part.

How much you want to bet the police "lose" the surveillance video of the checkpoint?

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Pretty sure if you were a dirty old man and forced someone to blow you -- and you weren't a cop -- that you would end up in jail and registered as a sex offender.

But we all know by now that laws don't fully apply to the police.

It should be illegal for police to engage in sexual conduct while on duty. It should be automatic rape. The ambiguity here allowed the system to blame the victim (a bit) in order to reduce the charges. This is bullshit and a travesty of justice.

Dirty old pig Robert L. Freeman of Griggsville should be blowing someone in prison right now....

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...and 40 years later most people still can't figure it out, even though it's older than most of us. But despite it's drawbacks, IT JUST WORKS, where other things fail.

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Stoning people to death: Not just for Islam, but for Christians too.

I mean, when you read the headline, it's plainly obvious before reading the article that this has to do with religion.

Thank you, religion, for "providing us with a moral framework" to justify murdering people.

Where are the atheists stoning people to death for their sexuality, again? Oh yea, that behavior is exclusively in the realm of religion.

If this kid would have heard that in a Marilyn Manson song (not that Manson sings anything homophobic), Manson would be on trial in the media also. But when it's the bible? Business as usual.

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Is that metal? driving off wolves with music? I'd say so! \m/

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Yes, the law must protect her from hurting herself by putting her in jail where she will be much safer! [SARCASM]

People are ready for sex before 18. Religion, feminism, and authoritarianism have tried hard to define a hard-cut age of 18 to be where you can do anything sexual, and to make everything else a crime that is somehow regarded as worse than murder.

But quite simply, our biology doesn't follow politics. Plenty of 15 year old girls are horny. People should have a right to do whatever they want with their image. But of course this somehow brings up child molestation in peoples' minds. Creating child porn only hurts children who are forced into it. If you take a picture of yourself, no one is abusing you. Invariably someone will say "but you are abusing yourself", yet we have a right to abuse ourselves in plenty of ways.

This girl is far more likely to be molested in jail, though. So who is this protecting again? Sex should not be a crime.

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Sharpie: A brand name I learned from school. I guess I was lucky my teacher didn't have me arrested for having one, eh? What a bloated whale of a bitch. Nice of them to include her picture. No wonder she's so angry.

And why are they using this statute? Because they thought prohibiting students from bringing their own writing implements would prevent them from building weapons. Yes, this is about fucking WEAPONS.

The pen is mightier than the sword - so good luck letting the government let us have either, apparently. The fact that the police actually went through with an arrest and transporting this kid to juvie hall says a lot about the police state.

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