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Links 1 through 10 of 12 by Clint JCL tagged newspapers

You mean the same Homer who dove in front of a baptism in order to make sure Bart didn't get baptized?

Sounds like The Vatican is just making more pathetic attempts to legitimize itself, and take focus off the fact that it is the world's largest organization of rapists and genocidists.

Maybe if they'd paid more attention, they'd have seen that the episode they are talking about flashed forward to a future where people are in bloody battles over disagreements in their Bart Simpson-based religion of the future. The whole point was that while we should be tolerant, in the end, religion existing makes people war. Of course The Vatican can't see the true point of things, it is mired in dogma so old it's not worth wiping your ass on.

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Ortho Stice should move to Saudi Arabia. You are unamerican. Quoting nitpicking Supreme Court rulings is merely an attempt to follow the letter of the law while ignoring the spirit of the law and the rights that have been fought for so hard in the past 200 years.

You are an affront to freedom. Go move to Iran. You have no business educating American children.

You are the scum of America.

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When will free market advocates wake up and realize free (as in anarchy) markets don't work?

The Net Neutrality haters would behoove themselves to read this article about how an unregulated telegraph network served to prop up monopolies, stifle competitions, manipulate elections, facilitate insider trading, and censor criticism.

The adage that "when you take away freedom from 1 of us, you take it away from all of us" simply isn't true. That's like saying that putting a murderer in jail takes away the freedom to murder from all of us. It's a myopic talking point that holds no true value.

Hell, we had the Associated Press and New York Times specifically sending out misinformation to get Republicans elected. Sources that we trust today were only made trustworthy by the eventual rule of law, NOT by a free market.

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1) New Dethklok album, Dethalbum 2, on 9/8/2009.
2) New season of *HALF HOUR* episodes.
3) Dethgame on XBOX360/PS3.
4) Comic coming out.
5) Another tour.

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This is one of many reasons why a newspaper bailout is a bad bad idea. Government-funded media means government-influenced media. Mainstream media is already really terrible about posting any kind of anti-establishment news; imagine how it would be if it were funded by the very government it's supposed to be reporting on?

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1) Printing the New York Times costs twice as much as it would for the paper to send every subscriber a free Amazon Kindle.
2) Newspapers hurt the environment.
3) Just because newspapers go away doesn't means sources will.
4) The newspaper industry is not even close to "too big to fail". 0.2% of the nation's labor force, 0.36% of the GNP.
5) Newspapers think google is a parasite
6) Death of newspapers does not equal death of journalism!
...and more reasons cited at the article.

No, the government should not be propping up old industries anymore than the government should be subsidizing SUVs and gas hogs. Times are a changin'. Scribbling news on pieces of dead trees did not even make sense to me in the 1990s!

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I love how the corporate authorities feel soooo threatened by Alex Jones's political opinions that they have to censor him.

Did you know that links on MySpace don't work? They all take you back to myspace. They are the only links that you have to physically cut and paste to work.

And now YouTube is at it -- yanking all his videos because he dared to hold up a printout of a Pittsburg Post-Gazette newspaper article during one of his shows!

Looks like I just found reason #29834032 not to buy newspapers: You apparently aren't allowed to hold the newspaper articles you buy up in a youtube video. Except that this happens all the time. This is YouTube going way too far. Like they do for the scientologists and music companies (I couldn't post my full high school graduation video to google video, which runs the same contentID systems youtube do, because my marching band apparently played a copyrighted song.)

Free speech in USA? Only technically. The largest soapboxes are owned.

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Share It With Others!

Is every dinosaur industry going to flail around spasticly? All anyone has to do is paraphrase an article to get around copyright. Events can't be copyrighted. Someone could simply monitor AP's articles, paraphrase them, and repost them. Give it up, AP.

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