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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Clint JCL tagged multipleSclerosis

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Nurse Ratchet bitches who run his care home decided he shouldn't smoke his medical marijuana -- even though the [Canadian] government is the one who ships it to him -- took away his wheelchair, and forced him to bed bedridden. In an interview he said this basically means he will be sitting in a shit-filled diaper for a week, unable to do anything but watch TV.

sarcasm on: Isn't it great how we people with multiple sclerosis are treated? What great priorities our governments have for us.

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He has shrooms too, but you can bet most of his sentence was related to "manufacturing" (funny word for growing!) marijuana. After all, creating drugs always has much stiffer penalties than possession.

How does spending tax money to put sick people in jail help society again?

Inmates get guaranteed medical care. Pretty ironic. He smoked a drug you could grow, at 0 cost to taxpayers -- but now they will have to pay to treat his multiple sclerosis.

So, prohibitionists -- think you're winning that drug war yet?

P.S. Superior court Judge Robert Reed is a douchebag for not allowing him to discuss his medical condition in court. Isn't it funny? The law allows for mitigating circumstance, but when it comes to drugs, you're not even allowed to tell the truth at your own trial. How is that even constitutional?

At least 2 state senators are asking for a pardon. But it probably won't happen with a Republican governor.

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And a likely culprit? Not Iraq's use of chemical weapons (which we gave them), but actually our military's own pils (which we gave our soldier). Either way, whatever hurt our troops was proivided in part by the U.S.

Let's hope our troops in the 2nd Iraq War -- which never would have happened if Bush #1 had not deliberately left Saddam installed after Iraq War #1 -- have a better shake at fair treatment, and aren't ignored for 17 years.

Either way, our tax dollars are at work -- creating misery that is cast upon American citizens.

Way to go Bush #1.
Way to go Bush #2.
Way to go to the people who voted for both of them mulitple times.
Thanks a lot.

Oh - and Depertment Of Veterans Affairs? You are one of the most shameful and disgraceful departments in the U.S. government.

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The guy has been in prison for 20 years -- already longer than many murderers serve. FIVE witnesses came forward implicating Hubert Muncey, and not Paul House. JUSTICE IS TOO SLOW. It's unjustly slow. Helloooo? Right to a speedy trial?

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