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Links 1 through 10 of 116 by Clint JCL tagged legislation

The left liberal Democrat half of our society successfully took rights away from EVERYBODY in California, using the despicable Giffords shooting as leverage to take away our rights.

Thing is, do you really think the crazy guy who shot Giffords would have stopped if there had just been a law against it? Oh wait. It's already illegal to shoot someone.

Yup. This is a big fat fucking fail. This does nothing to stop criminals, and everything to stop law-abiding citizens from being in charge of their own fate.

This is why you won't see me voting Democrat (OR Republican). Democracy where you vote for someone who takes away your rights isn't real democracy, it's a sham.

California Uber Allies

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THIS IS FUCKING INSANE!! Rules about when you can and can't use cash? Someone throwing a weekly flea market can no longer accept cash?

I get it, though. Now that we live in a technological world, the governments of the world have the capacity to spy on every transaction every citizen makes. But cash bypasses that capacity. So they want to slowly criminalize cash, and make all payments go through 'the system'. It's akin to the government reading all your postal mail to make sure you're not receiving child porn. It's treating everyone like a fucking criminal, and abridging their rights. Fuck the south.

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This stems from the same mentality of "we must ban Westboro Baptist from saying what they say in public spaces". The idea that if something hurts a person or persons, that we should petition the government to punish them -- is wholly unamerican.

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First DC, then MD. Slowly the East coast is joining the West coast. How long are the feds gonna waste our money prosecuting us for what 10% of people do? This is a minority as large as the gay population.

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Apparently if your mail is on a server for more than 6 months, it has less rights and can be more easily subpoenaed for the government to snoop through. I've got over 10 years email on my gmail, so I guess 9.5 yrs of it doesn't have the same 4th amendment rights protecting it as my newest 6 months of mail?

This is obvious bullshit. ISPs are railing to change the rule. The Obama Administration, OF COURSE, had said this would be an unnecessary burden on the government.

That constitution! What a burden! Wouldn't everything be so much easier for the government if no constitution existed at all?

And isn't it funny that a fucking law with "PRIVACY ACT" in the title is being used to TAKE AWAY our privacy? Modern-day doublespeak.

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Many people have told me that if the Arabs simply surrendered and became Israeli citizens, that they could have escaped their suffering at the hands of the oppressive illegal Israel government.

Not true.

Nevermind the 19 or so years of martial law those Arab-Israeli citizens had to suffer, or the discrimination that goes on until today.

Even today, the government is still oppressing those who may question its existence, or the fact that it's specifically a Jewish state with racist policies.

The american equivalent of this law would be de-funding my state college (Virginia Tech) if they dared question that America be a Christian nation, or that the revolutionary war might not have been necessary.

That shit wouldn't fly in America. Let's not pretend Israel is some great democracy with freedom for all. It isn't. This is state-sponsored revisionism. (Forced conscription sucks too.)

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I can understand where this is coming from -- if you are on public assistance the public has the right to ensure that your money is actually spent on assistance. But saying that you can't carry cash is bullshit. What if you find a $50 on the ground? You can't pick it up? Ridiculous.

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To those saying health care is unconstitutional, it's not.

Income tax isn't unconstitutional (I stand corrected by Chris Yates on this one). And Congress saying you need to get health care is not unconstitutional, as many of the people who WROTE the constitution passed this law in 1798.

So to those trying to take a strict constitutional defense against national health care -- Sorry, but you're wrong. You might want to ask the people who actually wrote the constitution about it.

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Soooo.... several hundred billion in tax cuts is ok for the richest of the rich, but 7 billion is too much for 9/11/2001 1st responders.

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And how long 'til this is used against WikiLeaks, or other dissident sites who dare to express something the powers that be don't like? "Oh! You're violating copyright! Takedown! Takedown!"

Currently *NO GOVERNMENT* has the power to take over domain names. That power belongs exclusively to ICANN, and always has. The whole point was that it was supposed to be free of government control. But of course, America hates not being in control of things.

The EFF is right. They pretty much always are.

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