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Links 1 through 10 of 45 by Clint JCL tagged leaks

This kinda pokes a hole in the argument that apple's walled garden provides a better user experience ....

(well that, and me owning an iPhone to know what a pain in the ass it is to have thy will be done on it.)

(not that Android is immune to this, but at least you're not paying extra to be worse off with Android)

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And once again, the truth comes out: Like every nation to ever invade Afghanistan in the past 150 years, we will leave without significantly changing anything.

Obama's not stupid, had to have known this, sent in more troops than Bush ever had, and did so after promising to end our unnecessary Bush-era wars. But instead we had more troop deaths under Obama, and lost tons of tax money fighting a fight that made no real difference. Bin Laden wasn't even found there!

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So not only do they have an embargo denying people basic things like cement, chocolate, and chewing gum -- but those who do manage to get their goods to these people have to pay bribes to Israel, the very people oppressing them. THANK YOU WIKILEAKS.

And this occurred before Hamas was elected. Not that that should matter.

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Yes, it's all deliberate, on purpose, and pretty much a repeat of the ghettos Germany put Jews in during WW2.

Israel wanted the coastal territory's economy "functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis". In other words, they wanted to make things as bad as possible without making them so bad that it became a humanitarian crisis, which changes the rules and politics of the situation.

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Were these were the guys who held the Americans hostages in 1979? Anyway, we have the mayor of NYC now participating in acts that have landed other people in jail. I guess supporting terrorists is okay if you're part of the government. What hypocrisy. More proof that the 'war on terror' has little to do with terrorism, and everything to do with authoritarianism.

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Our tax dollars paid for a study that showed the corporate-government policy was not in the public's best interest.

So what did our government do with the results? Since they didn't kiss the ass of big business, we destroyed the study in its entirety.

It was leaked, thankfully. Not to wikileaks either, but straight to congress.

If you pay a cable bill and buy newspapers, you're part of the problem. Stop funding these corporations and they won't have the power to influence your govenrment and waste even more of your money in the form of taxes!

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UK tax dollars at work violating human rights. What a threat to national security that anybody dare know how their tax money is spent!

Of course the US knew this, and didn't care. We probably threw cash into this knowing us.

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