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Links 1 through 10 of 18 by Clint JCL tagged condoms

Yes, let's give the government the power to regulate the behavior of consenting adults in private business beyond that of criminal law. FOR YOUR HEALTH!

This is exactly the same as a smoking ban. "We don't like what you're doing, so we're going to tell you not to do it, even though it's legal. IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD."

Condoms are gross... Why would I want to watch one in a porn? What next, are cumshots going to be illegal because they might transmit a disease? I hear pornos need to have that moneyshot or nobody thinks it's real. Maybe we should just have simulated porn, then everyone can be really safe. Big Brother is fucking you.

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At least Obama can do SOMEthing right. Even though it's probably just a partisan re-election trick.

(It's not going to work. Next president will be Republican. Deal with it, or start voting 3rd party.)

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Sex is only for making babies! You shouldn't have it otherwise. Ever! So says the 6000 year old sky fairy who killed more people in the bible than the devil. Stupid Catholicism; press releases like these are directly responsible for thousands [or millions] of AIDS deaths. The Pope is helping kill people via religion. And people who continue to justify this religion are doing more than "following orders", they are complicit in spreading a virus that kills people.

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Okay, this list is actually comedy, but all these things are true, so there's a decidedly NOT funny angle from it too! These are all things police can legally do, and there isn't much you an do about it.
1) Steal your stuff
2) Give you a speeding ticket without knowing your speed
3) Arrest you for drinking in a bar [they use Texas as an example, but this happened in Fairfax County, Virginia too]
4) Arrest you for filming them
5) Arrest you for carrying condoms
6) Steal your identity

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Fuck you, God. You murdering, son of a bitch. These bible-worshipers are causing millions of people to die of aids. Just look at what they've done in Africa. Now, the Catholics are trying to spread the God+Aids virus to the Philippines.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE CONDOMS, DON'T FUCKING WEAR ONE. Maybe you'll get AIDS, die, and do us all a favor.

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This is ridiculous.

Bunny day said it best at
"Why don’t they just stop beating around the bush and make sex illegal? Oh wait that’s not right, they just don’t want you to have sex unless there’s risk of disease or pregnancy.
Fuck them. With the AIDS."

Legislating morality == spreading disease. After all, sex is bad: god said so. and he made aids to kill those who deserve it. [/sarcasm]

Want to reduce disease? Legalize prostitution. Require a license, if you have to interfere with the free market. But prohibitive laws will accomplish nothing, and will in fact do worse than nothing.

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This is really lame. Sex without condoms is not illegal. Filming sex is not illegal. Filming sex without condoms should not be illegal either. (Gee, what if they are married?) Being a porn star is not anywhere near the Top 10 most dangerous occupations. Timber cutter, fisherman, taxi driver -- all are way more dangerous. (Policeman isn't in the top 10 either.)

This is basically 1) legislating what people can do with their own bodies, and 2) legislating morality.

To hide behind the guise of OSHA is pretty sad.

Yeah, AIDS sucks. What next, I have to use a condom with my own wife???

The simple fact of the matter is that there are people who flat out will not watch a porn if condoms are used. They're not interested in it if condoms are used. People are entitled to their own proclivities.

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Share It With Others!

Gee, consenting adults not being allowed to do what they want, because they might suffer workplace harm? Sound familiar? It's the smoking ban all over again.

Nevermind that anyone who doesn't want to take the risks of their job -- be they a taxi driver, coal miner, porn star, police officer, or bartender -- can simply NOT WORK THERE if you don't want.

Legislating morality. It never ends.

Simple fact of the matter is -- a lot of people absolutely do NOT want to see ANY porn where condoms are used. This is a fact. Go to a porn torrent site and read comments. People leave comments to make sure there are no condoms, and await for an answer before downloading a porn movie.

But forget freedom! Let's legislate morality instead. This from the state that put people in jail for selling bacon-wrapped hotdogs. And if we have socialized medicine, expect that to be used as another excuse to suppress freedom. To which I say: "Freedom isn't free!"

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