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Links 1 through 10 of 12 by Clint JCL tagged blood

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The details in this case are astounding.
She called 911 before her daughter was murdered.
She called a neighbor saying she thought the father might harm her.
The father had her blood on his shirt.
The father had her blood on his knife.
The father was a suspect in an unsolved 1977 murder.
The father was later convicted of another murder that happened the same year.
The father worked at a bar co-owned by a cop.
The D.A. let him testify against mommy in exchange for immunity.
And then there's the whole autopsy issue.

She finally got out, and is suing the fuck out of everyone. Rightly so. Dennis P. Donohue is a scumbag already in jail for murder, and suspected for another. District Attorneys Frank J. Clark and Joseph J. Marusak sound like corrupt scumbags who did their best to put an innocent woman in jail. They aren't D.A.s anymore, either.

This shows how tilted our justice system is towards simply FINDING A CONVICTION rather than actually solving the real crime.

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Ridiculous! This is fiction! This is up there with charging people for child porn for having drawings of things happening to children. Of course, it is still legal to depict children being murdered. But don't you dare depict them being raped! That's porn! Porn makes people rape! Just like Playboy increases rape by existing! [Idiots]

Of course this is from Canada, where there is no guarantee of free speech.

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Yup. A crime lab made up that there was blood at crimes they weren't. People went to jail for murder based on lies from the crime lab. And that's the problem with complicated scientific forms of determining guilt: It makes people feel good about justice being served, but in fact they are often unverifiable, like an electronic voting machine. Can you imagine going to jail for the rest of your life for something you didn't do?! They did this for SIXTEEN YEARS.

No actual crime is prevented when your justice system is based on bullshit lies.

Of the 190 particular cases being reviewed, 4 people are on death row, 3 have already been executed, and 5 died in prison.

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Special thanks to the crowd for seeing the attack happen, and providing the license plate of the truck that fled away. The truck was registered to Chad Larson. They later picked him up with what appeared to be fresh blood on his shoe, and blood on his truck. Witnesses said they repeatedly stomped an unconscious man as he lay on the ground helpless.

I'd love to hear what happened from the victim, Christopher MacRae. Though at least one witness said MacRae randomly assaulted people too! What a shitty fucking bar.

Regardless of circumstance, off-duty officers are still required to follow the law, and leaving someone unconscious in a pool of blood without filing a police report or calling medical assistance should be a jailable offense, as well as one which ensures Chad Larson will never work in a thug capacity again.

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The first picture only looks mildly disturbing. But then you scroll down, and see what the first picture is. OUCH.

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As if the first list wasn't bad enough.... This has a few repeats, but also many new entries. And it's not from, so there's no comedic dialog. Just disturbingness.

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The video is on YouTube if you search the "Clint" tag, which is how I found out about it. He survived. Remarkable is that it was gruesome enough that 3 hockey players vomited on the ice, 9 audience members fainted, and 2 had heart attacks!!

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Wow. Just... wow. This is both extremely cool, and extremely disturbing at the same time.

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Was anyone else told by their K-12 teachers that blood in your veins was blue, and that it only turned red when it was oxygenated and in your arteries?

Did anyone else go through life believing this?

It is a lie. Blood is always red.

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