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Links 1 through 10 of 205 by Clint JCL tagged YourTaxDollarsAtWork


I'm not going to pretend to have read all this (got about 50 in so far), but the onus to read this list is really on the people who are still making excuses to defend our current jackass of a president.

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"I've fallen, and I can't get up". Remember those commercials? Well it's not like that in real life. Not if you're black! The police will break down your door to "help" you by calling you a nigger before shooting you to death. Our tax dollars at work.

Don't by Lifeline Medic Alert services

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Don't you dare use British slang for "party", or quote "Family Guy"!
Our tax dollars will be spent on fucking with you.

I wish one day could go by where something didn't make me increasingly ashamed to be an american.

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I love a good cop-on-cop abuse of authority story, because it strains the credibility of abusive cops -- by pitting them against other cops.

Cops block a road. Another cop asks them to move. They punch him. Nothing is reported. Weeks later they send him charges by mail -- fucking pussies knew better than to try to actually arrest one of their own.  All charges but one were dropped, and that one was mocked by the judge. 

Lawsuit coming. How will the police union know what to do this time? ha ha ha

Officers John Walls and Mark Thom sound like a real pieces of shit unworthy of getting a penny from the taxpayers. Waste of all our time, waste of space.

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it is amazing that when the people in a so-called democracy vote a law in, that the very politicians that are supposed to represent them turn around and fight tooth and nail to do everything possible to undermine said law in as many dickish ways as possible. This post constitutes a "litany", and it's just one week's news...

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Apparently police are now suing lawyers who file public records requests for dashcam videos. Just in case proving your innocence against lying police wasn't hard enough. 
This is some of the most major bullshit ever.
C.O.P.S. somehow managed just fine, with sophisticated privacy technology called "bleeps" and "blurred faces". What a load of total fucking bullshit.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes licks the asshole of authority, and loves the taste.

Love the statute of limitations angle in the article too - they said they would release video past the statue of limitations, so it can't be used against them. BUT IT'S USED AGAINST US. I guess those limitations only apply if you're an officer committing a crime, and not a civilian committing a crime, eh?

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This guy is here *LEGALLY*, and he had a *VALID* id.

First off, cops can't demand id if you aren't driving. There is no legal requirement to carry id, and they can only detain you to check your identity if you are suspected of a crime.

I'm sorry, speaking spanish while smoking a cigarette is something millions of american citizens can legally do. It is not probable cause for any king of detainment whatsoever.

But guess what? This guy had valid id, and produced it anyway, even though it was not required. And they still jailed him for 5 days. They even released him before finding out their mistake.

And the comments on this article? Racist fucking idiots who didn't even read the fucking article.

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So if you're a cop and you steal $375K they'll let you keep $300K of it. nice to know. where do i sign up?

Jack Micah Feltner, embezzler of taxpayer money, should have liens put on all his property, and basically be forced into bankruptcy and homelessness for this shit.

You shouldn't get to fucking keep our money, you fucking pig piece of shit. If you spent it on new teeth, they should be removed. If you spent it on a house for your mom, it should be seized. Nobody should be allowed to benefit from your pig bullshit, Jack.

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So now the Obama administration is helping prop up a corrupt Uzbek dictator, in order to continue to have supply routes to the pointless war on Afghanistan? After Obama's Afghan troop reduction, there were still more troops there than Bush ever had. What are we fighting again? How is this money not better spent elsewhere? How does it end again?

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As the nation with the highest incarceration rate of any nation on planet Earth -- one which houses 25% of all prisoners on Earth -- this is not a situation of "at least we're not a 3rd world country, they have it worse". They don't have the resources to make it this bad.

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