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Links 1 through 10 of 21 by Clint JCL tagged TruthOut

"The report confirmed what the Obama administration already knew from the autopsy report on Dogan, but the administration has remained silent about the killing of Dogan."

"Bilgen was shot in the head with a "soft baton round at such close proximity that an entire bean bag and its wadding penetrated the skull and lodged in the chest from above.""

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Share It With Others!

Double jeopardy is that only if you are found innocent, will you not be re-tried. Of course, like most american rights, this has been whittled down to a technicality: A reversal of a guilty verdict is NOT legally the same as being declared innocent -- so they can just try you over and over and over again.

Six times for this man!
#1 - they used evidence of other crimes to prejudice the jury
#2 - they used hearsay and twisted facts
#3 - all 15 jury excusees ("pereptory strikes") were black
#4 - non-unanimous jury - all whites said guilty, all blacks said innocent
#5 - non-unanimous jury - one black said innocent

Wow. Race is DEFINITELY an issue here. Definitely. I think the venue should be completely changed - preferably to another STATE. Mississippi is incompetent if they drag a man through a trial 6 times and still can't get a verdict.

And mistrials due to malfeasance in prosecution tactics? That should make you innocent, permanently. Then prosecutions would have to obey the rules

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We call them a beacon of democracy - but all they really are is less repressive than the Muslim-asshole-countries that surround them. Is that really an achievement to gloat about?

Of course, even the US likes to imprison journalists for doing things the government likes. That's why Reporters Without Borders gives both countries a fairly low rating [as far as democracies go].

"Israel essentially made a journalist - and her story [about official assassinations] - disappear."

"Not even the New York Times had a reporter in Gaza during the invasion" [because Israel wouldn't let them]

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Yup. Obama "closed" Bush's Big Bad Guantanamo -- except he didn't. And he has his own guantanamo. Don't want the habeas corpus rights that took the Guantanamo people 9 years to earn? Just stick 'em in Bagram. No rights there.

Same shit, different president.

Indefinite detention of prisoners of war without actual geneva convention rights, and without ever declaring war. Obama may as well be Bush.

But hey, I told you that in 2008.

I love how part of the ruling is based on the fact that "there is no indication of any intent to occupy the base with permanence.” Yup. Tell that to Japan, Saudia Arabia, South Korea, or any of the other countries we have military bases on -- over half the countries on the planet.

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Government-sponsored assassination: Ford and Reagan were both against it, but Bush brought it back, and Obama isn't stopping it. More hope & change? Assassinating our own citizens is okay, just because they are a terrorist?

Throwing away the ideals that founded our justice system is capitulating to the terrorists. If american citizens can be assassinated by their own government, the terrorists have succeeded in giving us something to be terrified of: Our own government. Which is a far greater threat to our lives than Al Queda.

This is also another big fail for the Obama Adminstration and it's promises of transparency and change.

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Wow. Safety measures ignored. The abject failure of conservative "small government, no regulation" philosophy. Free markets don't work; they're literally destroying our planet.

Now, I don't really have a problem with drilling for more oil. If we're really at peak oil, it's going to run out. We'll be done. Why not use what's left? But I do have a problem with corporations running amuck, ignoring safety standards, destroying the environment unnecessarily, and then dodging their tax responsibility.

Nobody's too big to fail. You spill oil, your corporation should receive the corporate death sentence. This would have been the normal way of doing things, prior to corporations managing to finagle themselves the same rights as actual human beings.

Let's hope this whistleblower does not face any retaliation.

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Share It With Others!

Amazing. I did not know that the US had prosecuted Japanese soldiers (and a Texas sheriff) for waterboarding. Then we turned around and did it ourselves. (Oh, and while on the topic of Japan, we put our own Japanese in concentration camps.)

Amazing how hypocritical our country is. We only believe in freedom for those we agree with.

It's also a big fail of the Obama Administration to purposefully look the other way and not prosecute that. I hope all you 2-party voters who voted for hope and change have finally realized that as long as you vote for 2 corrupt parties, there will be no substantive hope OR change.

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Obama's failed promises make him the same as Bush: People unconstitutionally held in violation of the Geneva Convention. At least Bush said this was the right thing; Obama said this was the wrong thing and STILL didn't do anything about it. Of course Obama isn't doing to relinquish those powers that Bush gave the govt: The Republicans and The Democrats both play the same game: Get people to support removal of freedom, so that they have more power.

This is the end-result of the false dichotomy pep rally of 2-party politics. You either get a turd, or a douche.

Of course, Nader would have done exactly what I wanted. And exactly what the liberal sheeple who blindly voted for Obama wanted too: Release these people, and ACTUALLY end the war on terror.

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