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Links 1 through 8 of 8 by Clint JCL tagged Tampa

Don't call the police on your loved ones. To do so is stupid. The police are not hear to help your loved ones.

They do not serve.

They do not protect. 

They use our tax dollars to murder us. 

The Lee County state attorney who cleared the sherrif's office of any wrongdoing is worthy of divine retribution from the victim's family. The actual cops who did this should be put to death to save future people from their abuse.

But instead, no charges have ever been filed -- not after 2 and a half years.

Monshay Gibbs is a hero for breaking the thin blue line and testifying against her fellow cops. (Sounds like they didn't hire her. Maybe because she doesn't support brutality.)

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Where are all the atheists ejecting religious people from government meetings because they don't like shirts that say "Under God"?

What? These people don't exist.

Oh right! Such level of douchitude is generally only justified by fucking idiots who place their faith in sky fairies.

They physically removed a guy from a meeting because his shirt said, "One Nation, Indivisible", without including "under god" on it.

Fucking Christians. I heard not all Nazis were bad guys either, but when you're part of a group that regularly oppresses peoples' lives and forces them to live by your standards -- you're going to be considered standing shoulder to shoulder with pedophiles and censors.

Sounds like there were a couple council members who were sane, and made a motion for their constitutional rights to exist [as if a motion can determine such a thing!]. That's good.

But Mayor John Sullivan? He's a Christian Nazi who should be sued.

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Yup. The idiots who work in Hillsborough County have decided that their jail cameras have caused them too much trouble by, you know, BEING ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY DO TO US [while being funded by OUR money].

So they're going to remove their cameras, so that it's your word against an officer.

Does that sound fair? It's regressing from an enlightened society because they don't want to be held accountable to truth. Wow.

This is the county where a worker was caught dumping a quadriplegic out of a wheelchair because they said he was faking, where they sentenced a man to 25 yrs in jail for drug trafficking his own prescription medication by not allowing the jury to hear that he had a prescription for it, where a 265lb pig named Joshua Spencer beat a 16 year old inmate inside the jail, and where Kevin Stabins unnecessarily arrested a man for wanting to be at his girlfriend's side while she filed a report for just being raped.

Fucking idiots should be removed from society.

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It's important that we win a war against porn on the interne... hahahaha, does anyone believe that is actually possible??? Fucking idiotic religious puritan americans. Jurors found the prosecution shameful. They tried to take his house, too.

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Officer previously arrested a woman on her way to the hospital when her father had a heart attack.
I don't care about the technicalities. This is fucked up.
I guess if you're drunk you're not allowed to be there for your just-raped girlfriend.

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I'm thinking the police like lab tests to come back positive, even when they are not. How the hell does cat urine test as methamphetamine, but 50 days later it doesn't? This seems like a awfully convenient way to keep someone in jail on false pretenses.

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58 vicodin pills. That he had a prescription for. But in Florida, a "prescription defense" is not legal! What the fuck!?!?!?!?!?

This type of shit happens all the time.

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This is scarily creepy. HUGE company employs people without medical benefits, takes out life insurance policies on them, then collects money when they die!


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