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Links 1 through 10 of 26 by Clint JCL tagged MSNBC

This is what happens when you legislate that people aren't allowed to have their feelings hurt. This is exactly why Westboro Baptist Church's rights to say hurtful things on public property need to be protected, even though their message is deplorable. You don't have a right to not have your feelings hurt -- though some countries are trying to establish that right. It's a great way to make people scared to speak.

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How is any of this helping society again? We have a guy wielding a knife barricaded in his own bedroom.

Where the fuck was the taser? Oh yea, tasers aren't for stopping shootings, they are for torturing people who don't comply.

So they shot and killed a guy with a knife. Fucking cowards.

But then an MTA cop showed up and shot Geoffrey Breitkopf dead!

One can only hope that Brietkopf was the one who fatally shot the knife-wielder, and thus received some karma for being a douchebag. But I have a feeling that both of the cops who shot someone dead are still unfortunately alive today, and that the cop who was shot dead probably did not deserve this.

Either way, they are all pigs. They took a psuedo-violent situation where no actual violence had occurred, and caused two people to die. This does not help society in the slighest. This is a loss of life.

The police of course will use the stat of the cop death to justify drawing their guns quicker, & using SWAT raids more.

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I won't go as far as to say these people deserve it -- even though religion as a whole has said that people AIDS deserve it.

But I will say: Christianity murdered and stole holidays and traditions from the pagans. And some people getting a disease after being part of the abstract force [Christianity] that did this -- somehow represents some form of political karma to me.

One thing's for sure: If these people didn't worship make-believe sky fairies, they'd have been better off.

At least this only affected the hardcore group of idiots who likes to go out ON CHRISTMAS to a church. Those are the worst.

Well, I'm off to troll the message board for this story...

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Our tax dollars paid for a study that showed the corporate-government policy was not in the public's best interest.

So what did our government do with the results? Since they didn't kiss the ass of big business, we destroyed the study in its entirety.

It was leaked, thankfully. Not to wikileaks either, but straight to congress.

If you pay a cable bill and buy newspapers, you're part of the problem. Stop funding these corporations and they won't have the power to influence your govenrment and waste even more of your money in the form of taxes!

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UK tax dollars at work violating human rights. What a threat to national security that anybody dare know how their tax money is spent!

Of course the US knew this, and didn't care. We probably threw cash into this knowing us.

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Typical pigheaded closeminded abuse of authority of the Catholic faith. It's not just the rapist priests, it's the schools, the dogma, the conformity. Even the vice-principal said "it was [y]our decision to make [y]our son different". Yes. How dare anyone be different.

And that gets down to the crux of what religion is usually about: Conformity.

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Your tax dollars at work: $100,000 settlement likely. Lt. Tanya Mayhew is stupid bitch who wastes taxpayer money. Fire her for violating cruel and unusual punishment.

Having your teeth ripped apart and denied medical care sounds like a story from Saudi Arabia or North Vietnam. But nope.. That's living in America for you.

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I actually agree: People are so stupid with numbers so as to not be able to properly calculate the value of something. Thus, they overpay, causing such items to cost more than they are worth. And if I refuse to pay the price because I'm smart enough to realize it's not worth it, there will be 100 dumbasses too stupid to realize it's not worth it, so the price will stay artificially high. Thanks, idiots.

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More hate in the name of God. Why join an organization that discriminates based on 2,000 year old texts? Catholocism is a far greater threat to humanity and freedom than homosexuality.

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Taser International has realized they can't keep up their charade of death-for-profit any longer.

After suing coroners to change their cause of death from "taser" to "excited delirium", they finally have to succumb to the real truth: That tasers DO kill.

Frankly, anyone family member of someone killed after they previously denied tasers called deaths should be able to launch a multi-million dollar lawsuit against taser international.

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