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Links 1 through 10 of 14 by Clint JCL tagged Ireland

I think this is a much better solution than our dead-child-illogic-induced constitutional-shredding.  Drunk driving permits. Brilliant. My idea was more of a "drunk driving hour" (the hour after bars close), but this is a more organized approach. I like the purple flashing lights...

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The most direct evidence yet of the Catholic church being 100% complicit in assisting the continued rapes of those unlucky children born into catholic families. One of many smoking guns. If you tithe, you are paying to rape children, not to help people. Give a dollar to a homeless person instead, and quit living in a fairytale bullshit land.

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Yup. More institutionalized, large-scale child rape at the behest of an organization about a made-up sky fairy.

Imagine how many less children would have been raped if people hadn't propped up the rapists by tithing their income to the church. Way to go, religious people.

They blocked officials from testifying in child abuse investigations. Why is this not obstruction of justice? Is this simply because Catholicism is the only religion who has their own country to hide behind the laws of?

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News flash! When a country occupies another country forcefully and with violence, the one with the bigger military is almost always the one responsible for most abuses. Same with Israel vs Palestine, same with US vs the native Americans, same with Germany vs Poland in WW2. Evildoing happens on both sides of a conflict, but the side with more physical power is almost always the side that does it more.

And here we have the Brits shooting and killing people who didn't shoot first, and shooting protesters who were already injured and trying to flee.

It "only" took 38 years and $285M to admit it.

Of course, none of this conflict would have happened without Jesus Christ. Catholic vs protestant battles can only exist in a world where people argue over their imaginary friend jesus. If nobody believes, there's nothing [religious] to fight over.

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Good for Ireland. They are joining Britain and Australia in kicking Israeli diplomats out. Assassinations are not how 1st world countries are supposed to conduct themselves.

Poland just arrested a Mossad agent wanted by Germany over the assassination as well.

Israel has overstepped its bounds for over 40 years -- and countries are finally starting to wake up to this.

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This is the same pope who, in 2001, penned a directive instructing Catholic bishops to keep child rape cases secret.

Now it's coming out that his archdiocese has already helped past pedophiles individually, by transferring them away rather than addressing systemised child rape in the name of a fictitious sky fairy.

Of course they protected Ratzinger, saying he had no knowledge of this. (Some leader? Has no knowledge of rape under his watch? Yeah right. And Bush had no idea torture was happening either. Get real.)

The Pope's actions have been successfully introduced into U.S. court cases as being evidence of a systematized, international conspiracy to obstruct justice.

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I tend to think it's really "centuries" or "millenia", but decades is still pretty bad. If anyone things the good spread by Catholicism outweighs all the bad done them -- Here's one of my MANY points about how religion makes the world worse.

Only a virus of illogical thinking could perpetuate undetected crimes at this level for so long.

Hell, they paid for insurance to cover up the lawsuits -- back in 1987, before they ever reported a *single* incident to police, which did not happen in 1995. And it still took another 14 yrs for them to release their files! They sued to try to not release their evidence! Sued to hide raping children!

Even the devout Catholic police who had child molesting reported to them would not submit reports to the police, but to the church. Total abuse of authority and negligence as an officer of the law.

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Thousands marched. In a very religious country, thousands marched. Amazing.

Floggings, slave labor and gang rape, in institutions that 165,000 went through. All under the leadership of religion.

Who says we need God to tell us right from wrong?

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Mixing *two* groups of people who are generally fucking idiots: Religious people, and alcoholic sports fans.

Christian on Christian violence? This is as stupid as Sunni Vs. Shia.

Where are all the atheists beating people for their religious beliefs? Huh? I thought being religious guided people into doing good? You sure that's working? After 2,000 yrs of wars thanks to Christ, and 1400 yrs of violence thanks to Mohamed? Or how about all those dead Africans thanks to The Pope and Catholics saying "don't use condoms"?

Yeah. Sure. Keep telling yourself religion guides people to do good. The implication seems to be that without religion, people would do all kinds of terrible things. But we have religion, and they still do, so I don't think it's working.

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Religion doesn't stop people from being bad.
Atheism doesn't stop people from being good.

But powerful organizations? That power is ALWAYS abused.

And people wonder why I don't want a one world government?!?!?!

"The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, which examined evidence dating back to the 1930s, found the sexual abuse of children was "endemic" in boys' institutions.

"Children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from," said the ****2,500-page**** report, released on Wednesday."

Wow. 2500 pages! This organization has facilitated rape, murder, beatings, and genocide for 2,000 years, all in the name of fictional sky fairies who are vain and send people to eternally suffer. Fuck that God, and fuck that religion.

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