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Links 1 through 10 of 50 by Clint JCL tagged HealthCare

Anyone who knows more about biology wanna chime on on this? The corps don't want to go down this route because it's not patentable, and there's no money to be had for curing people. This is why national health care is better - the burden is to be cheap to reduce tax burden. Private health care's burden is to be expensive to prop up the corporation. (and of course national doesn't criminalize private, so you get both if you have some money left over to pay for private).

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To those saying health care is unconstitutional, it's not.

Income tax isn't unconstitutional (I stand corrected by Chris Yates on this one). And Congress saying you need to get health care is not unconstitutional, as many of the people who WROTE the constitution passed this law in 1798.

So to those trying to take a strict constitutional defense against national health care -- Sorry, but you're wrong. You might want to ask the people who actually wrote the constitution about it.

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Republicans pass law sentencing people to death. Sarah Palin's false claims about death panels are finally true. But it was the Republicans who did it this time.

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In other words -- if there is a national tragedy, DON'T help. The government won't help compensate you for the damages incurred while you help. Remember when the EPA head said the 911 air was perfectly safe, and later it was found out that they KNEW the air wasn't safe and LIED about it? This is literally adding insult to injury for many heroic responders.

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Yup. A civil union does NOT get you the rights of a marriage. SEPARATE BUT EQUAL DOES NOT WORK. Does anyone remember the fucking 1960s? If you say you support civil unions, but not marriages, you are as discriminatory as a "colored only" water fountain. WAKE UP. Full rights, or no rights. In between / alternate / "civil unions" are bullshit.

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It didn't work. They removed the bullet and still didn't fix her shoulder.


^ Sarcasm. The rest of the world looks at this story and laughs at our use of capitalism to deny our people basic rights that can and would be provided to anyone else in any industrialized nation in the world. Anti health care people can suck my dick. Better yet: Please contract a disease while you're unemployed.

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Chemotherapy and hemophila drugs are unavailable. The Gaza blockade bars colonoscopy bags. Did the European Jews forget what a ghetto was? Or is it okay, as long as they're not the ones in it? 40% of Gaza residents don't even have sewage. Should a million people shit in the street for 4 years?

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Answer: Not much. Europe: It's not as bad as the conservative health-care-reform-hating libertarian-type crowds say.

Turns out if you count the money Americans spend on things that are tax-subsidized in Europe, we spend just as much. But get less. Quite possibly because half of it is going to fund the military.

Quite a few interesting comments at the article, too.

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