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Links 1 through 10 of 29 by Clint JCL tagged FreedomOfReligion

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It's about time. Polygamy absolutely should be legal. People should be able to define their families in whatever terms THEY like, not whatever terms the tyrannical majority petitions the government to allow. If you don't want women and children abused, ENFORCE LAWS AGAINST ABUSE. More laws don't solve those kinds of problems, they drive the victims underground.

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Step 1: Give no permits.
Step 2: Raze buildings that people have lived and worshiped in their whole lives.

5000 cops used to tear down a church -- can you imagine if we did this in America?
This is not the action of a country that wants peace, it's the action of an illegal occupation slowly trying to stamp out the indigenous people that were there before foreigners from Europe claimed a land that was not currently theirs.

And these guys are actually Israeli citizens, so don't give me none of that "if they'd only integrated, they'd have been treated peacefully" bullshit. The ones that integrated after WW2 were subject to martial law that applied only to Muslims for almost 20 years. And let's look at the fate of the Native Americans that peacefully integrated with the British Colonialists in North America: They would have been better off suicide-bombing, honestly.

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Oppression of the masses: A function of ALL religions, even Buddhism.

The amazing thing is the Orwellian doublethink uttered by Kuenlay Tshering, who said that this law is consistent iwth a constitution that guarantees everyone the right to freedom of religion. Do you think he can taste the BULLSHIT that's flowing out of his mouth?

And oh, the Buddhists dig up the Christians bodies and perform rituals with their bones too. Nice.

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Wow. Way to trample multiple constitutional rights at once! Ban him from talking about his religious beliefs to his own child!

The ban against polygamy is about as dumb as the ban against gay marriage. Here's an idea: Let consenting adults have their own beliefs, and live their own lives.

Freedom of choice -- unless someone disagrees with your choice. Then it's okay to trample it if your choice is unpopular - like smoking on your own property.

Judge Donald J. Eyre seems to have forgotten that his primary job is not to dictate how children are raised. He has a stick up his ass.

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I'm sorry, Supreme Court. You're dead wrong. The constitution says "citizens" where things apply to citizens -- like voting -- and it says "all persons" when things apply to all persons -- which includes, amazingly, ALL FUCKING PERSONS.

The First Amendment and religions rights specifically apply to ALL FUCKING PERSONS. You cannot violate the religious rights of ANY people. Even people in prison have won religious rights repeatedly.

This is a grave injustice. I'm no friend of religion, but when the Supreme Court pisses on the very constitution they are supposed to protect, this country moves one [more] smaller step towards a mockery of its former self.

Nevermind the fact that you're not supposed to torture people either! C'mon, Obama? What the hell are you thinking? You personally swore to uphold the constitution, and it specifically says this is wrong.

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You gotta love the comments about this being a Christian name. We have Christ to thank for this woman's life being effectively ruined. People should beleve in what is real. You start dangling the afterlife in front of them, they get a little crazy. Nobody should be fired from a state university position over their religion.

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Gee, why can't someone paint what they want on the driveway they OWN?

Oh yea! Because a bunch of free market capitalists think that it's okay to be able to sign your rights away. That the rights of business and sellers are somehow more important than the rights of the people who buy things.

Nevermind any sort of common-sense extension of First Sale Doctrine to houses; we still have people in Fairfax County, 200 years after the bill of rights, fighting to be able to express their own religion on their own fucking driveway.

And this is exactly why the legalized signing away of rights must stop. We need to destroy homeowners associations, manufacturer price floors, software licensing, and every other "choice" where you can sign away your rights.

You know you can't actually fully sign away your constitutional rights, right? Because they enjoy protections stating this. Such protections need to be extended BADLY, or sellers will continue rule the world like they always have.

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The 12 Step Programs are essentially a religious cult of their own, telling people to be helpess, and to surrender themselves to a higher power. Yet, the First Amendment guarantees us the right to practice religion as we see fit: including NOT practicing it (freedom FROM religion).

BTW, he was 3rd-offense arrested for having whiskey! WTF.

Yet, when an atheist on parole for drugs submitted a formal complaint asking for a secular rehabilitation program instead of a religious one -- dickhead christian warrior constitutional-hating parole officer Mitch Crofoot sent him back to jail.

This is a taxpayer-funded, government organization forcing religion down the throats of people who have already lost their freedoms. A lawsuit inevitably ensues, and the system should lose. Mitch Crofoot should be fired.

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Does ANYONE really believe that winning this lawsuit would have been unconstitutional? What about suicide bombers? They're just doing it for religious reasons too, right! Pleasant Glade Assembly Of God and David Medina can suck Jesus's dick.

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