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Links 1 through 3 of 3 by Clint JCL tagged D.A

The details in this case are astounding.
She called 911 before her daughter was murdered.
She called a neighbor saying she thought the father might harm her.
The father had her blood on his shirt.
The father had her blood on his knife.
The father was a suspect in an unsolved 1977 murder.
The father was later convicted of another murder that happened the same year.
The father worked at a bar co-owned by a cop.
The D.A. let him testify against mommy in exchange for immunity.
And then there's the whole autopsy issue.

She finally got out, and is suing the fuck out of everyone. Rightly so. Dennis P. Donohue is a scumbag already in jail for murder, and suspected for another. District Attorneys Frank J. Clark and Joseph J. Marusak sound like corrupt scumbags who did their best to put an innocent woman in jail. They aren't D.A.s anymore, either.

This shows how tilted our justice system is towards simply FINDING A CONVICTION rather than actually solving the real crime.

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That was NOT threatening speech. "You make me feel like killing you" is in no way the same as "I'm gonna kill you". I'd be sick of cops harassing me if I had a brain injury that made me walk like a freak too.

"he repeatedly explained to the officer that he'd sustained a traumatic brain injury in a work-related accident and was disabled, not drunk....was taken to...Hospital where the stun darts were removed from his back. A blood alcohol or drugs in his system. ... Was charged with misdemeanor assault two days after... The District Attorney's Office later asked that the charge be dismissed "in the furtherance of justice." "

Yea. The DA dropped the charges because he knew their cops were full of shit.

Officer Gabriela Saavedra is a shitty cop, but Officer Donald Cline sounds like a straight-up pig for tasering a man simply for walking funny. Because in the end, none of this would have happened if Gonzalez was able to walk like a normal person.

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Man sues local D.A., is mysteriously transferred to another prison, allegedly beaten by the prison guards. The D.A. then allegedly put up a poster of his face, before and after the beating, with a caption stating: "After he sued the D.A.'s office."

And when this poster was subpoenoed, the state admitted, in court, that this evidence (the poster) had been "removed" and "destroyed". Nevermind that Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, and North Carolina law, require that the state provide a criminal defendant with all evidence which might tend to show that the defendant isn’t guilty.

But hiding exculpatory evidence is the American way. How do you think Texas has put so many black people on death row?

I'm surprised they don't name the asshole D.A. He deserves to be named. And Sheriff Brad Moseley? Seems to me to be an unamerican piece of shit who would be better off operating in the legal vacuum of 3rd world countries.

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