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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Clint JCL tagged Buffalo

The details in this case are astounding.
She called 911 before her daughter was murdered.
She called a neighbor saying she thought the father might harm her.
The father had her blood on his shirt.
The father had her blood on his knife.
The father was a suspect in an unsolved 1977 murder.
The father was later convicted of another murder that happened the same year.
The father worked at a bar co-owned by a cop.
The D.A. let him testify against mommy in exchange for immunity.
And then there's the whole autopsy issue.

She finally got out, and is suing the fuck out of everyone. Rightly so. Dennis P. Donohue is a scumbag already in jail for murder, and suspected for another. District Attorneys Frank J. Clark and Joseph J. Marusak sound like corrupt scumbags who did their best to put an innocent woman in jail. They aren't D.A.s anymore, either.

This shows how tilted our justice system is towards simply FINDING A CONVICTION rather than actually solving the real crime.

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Yup. They can tase you to make you give your DNA now. Interesting.

I'm pretty sure int he past they were never allowed to BEAT you to get your DNA. Somehow, people think being tased is different from being beaten. It can also kill you and injure you, just like a beating. And it can kill, too -- in what I feel is a much less preditable way than beatings.

It does seem like due process was not had here. He went through a court procedure to consent to the first test. But then he changed his mind.

We've been down the road before -- if you cooperate, are you then held to further cooperate for perpetuity? I say NO -- Part of free will is being allowed to change your mind.

The obvious metaphor detractors will want to bring up is that if you allow a cop in your house for a search, you can't change your mind then. That is actually a quite different situation. My retort: If you allow a cop to search your house today, does that mean he can come back next month and search it too?

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Religion: It doesn't get more hypocritical than this. At least politicians only spend our taxes, religious leaders "spend" our lives.

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The storage is about 7X the cost of a blank 4X DVD-R, per byte -- but the burn time is MUCH faster (10X?) faster, and being able to carve a 50G swath into 1 disc is quite nice. HD camcording people really need this.

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WHAT THE FUCK? Prosecutors only care about winning cases, not enacting justice! THEY MADE A DEAL WITH A MURDERER and put away the victim's mother! THEY ARE GOING TO PUT HER ON TRIAL AGAIN, for manslaughter! ON TRIAL *AGAIN*1 I'M FUCKING OUTRAGED.

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Just for some counter-point - this unarmed teen basically had it coming when the cop shot him to death.

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Gary Beeman talks about the time he spent on death row, wrongfully convicted for a murder he did not commit. The real murderer actually set him up to take the fall.

Authoritarians need consider stories like this when arguing for harsh punishment.

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