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Links 1 through 10 of 118 by Clint JCL tagged BarackObama


I'm not going to pretend to have read all this (got about 50 in so far), but the onus to read this list is really on the people who are still making excuses to defend our current jackass of a president.

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"They're largely the same candidate, except that one has views that I like about gay marriage and abortion. That isn't enough for me to choose that guy over the other, as they're both horrid.þff" -Chris Y

I concur.

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This is pretty damning. Journalist releases something USA and Yemen lied to their people about. Wikileaks then verifies it. Yemen imprisons journalist as if he's a terrorist for saying something America doesn't like. Local leaders and Amnesty International get mad.

Pardon is drafted up. Obama then literally called Yemen when they had the pardon written up, in order to ensure that this journalist stay in jail and the pardon disappear. Which happens after the phone call.

This is direct action. This is not Congress's fault, this is not Obama being a puppet of vast machinery he has no control of. 

And oh, we still have secret prisons just like under the Bush Administration. Obama just tricked Obama-supporters into thinking he stopped Bush's practice. He did not. As usual, Obama continues Bush's practices, but more secretively. 

And at this point, is The New York Times even worth wiping one's ass on? This is the paper that knew we were being wiretapped by the government, and sat on the story for a year. Among many other things, New York Times is now, to me, the least reliable major newspaper in existence.

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Yup. The leader of Israel is an asshole, and even the other leaders of the world are tired of their shit. Obama getting caught saying "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

And why is a tiny little country in the middle east our daily business? Lobbying, oil, religion. 

Of course, Obama's press will not mention this. Mr. Government Transparency only let reporters in if they promised to only discuss things that the government approves. American journalism is so fucking dead.

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Wait, what? After deliberately ignoring people voting the issue up to #1 on his online site, Obama is now acknowledging the drug war?

Did his political strategists finally tell him he has zero chance of being reelected?

This seems.... Like quite the change, even for Obama.


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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has resulted in increased Unemployment in the U.S. So let's follow in the Clinton Administration's footsteps and make it even easier for MORE jobs to seep out of our country -- right when America needs them the most.

Great going, Obama.

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Obama's trying to appoint someone who thinks our country hasn't done enough to stop porn. Remember when Bush had the FBI redirected to fight porn, and everyone whined? If you want to be consistent, then you need to whine now too. Obama's doing the same shit Bush did, just in more subtle ways so everyone continues to think he's the fucking messiah. He's not.

Hate speech regulation is also bullshit. That's how Scientology squelches criticism. That's how Islam squelches criticism. In countries with hate speech laws on the books, free speech no longer exists -- unless you want to go to court to prove your speech isn't hate speech. Good luck being able to express your opinion. Of course, hate speech legislation is something one dimensional liberals LOVE.

Me? I side on the side of freedom. It's not hard. You can too.

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Obama: Continuing Bush's legacy.
You can bet Reporters Without Borders is going to lower us in the international free speech index, and rightly so.

Of course a lot of Obama shills and liberal types will hide behind the law. "They broke the law therefore they deserve this." "We need information to be classified for national security purposes". Yeah. Hiding behind the unknown; arguments of faith the likes of which usually come out of religious people.

And conservatives probably mostly feel the same way. Of course, both the far left and the far right are anti-freedom. Me? The government is by, of, and for the people. If people want to break rules in a way that brings government transparency to the people against the government's will, then that is a good thing.


Even if you release nuclear launch codes.

You really think it's possible to launch nukes with some leaked information? Yeah right.

Open source is more secure than closed source. Same thing with government.

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