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Links 1 through 3 of 3 by Clint JCL tagged BMI

Will intellectual property laws squelch open mic from our culture?
Will we destroy art in order to save it?

Ahh, ASCAP. The ones who sued the boy scouts for singing around the campfires. The ones who made it so restaurants can't sing us "Happy Birthday", even though the artists that are being "protected" have been dead for half a century.

ASCAP actually told one guy that if people use guitars in his cafe, they owe him money. Wow.

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The pathetic, dying dinosaur of our current music industry whines some more about iTunes. They want performance fees. Even for the 30 second preview snippet you get to decide if you want to download them. They want performance fees for songs used in tv shows -- even the TV shows already pay often exorbitant prices to license songs they use.

Remember back in the day, when the music industry paid the radio to play their shit? The Payola scandal? Total opposite of today. Now they want to be paid every which way.

The justifications they use are silly too. As if this is about the people who write the background music during shows. As if those people can't refuse to give up rights that cause them not to be paid.

As if anyone really deserves to be paid for their work after they are done doing it. I wrote some computer code that's still in use. Why aren't I getting paid every time it's run? Oh, I'm not an artist, so I don't get special artist treatment.

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It begins. A capitalist health care system will eventually fine us for taking any kind of risks. The almight dollar will control what we can and can't do.

Pure capitalists see no problem with this -- THEY ARE FUCKED.

"A starving man is never free."

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