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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Les Bain tagged cloud-computing

Cloud Computing is just another variety of Client Server computing. Understanding Client-Server computing provides options for efficient processing.

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Make sure when you sign up for a Cloud Computing service, that you can get the data out of the service. Do not sign up for a Roach Motel service, where the data goes in but cannot be retrieved.

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Getting a new desktop computer is disruptive. One of the ways to reduce that disruption is starting to run more services using the internet. Then any computer can access the services.

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A browser is the software that allows one to surf the web. It is translating the HTML into human readable websites. As we move to cloud computing, it is the most important piece of software on the computer.

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The new device from Apple - the iPad - is one more device that can access the Internet. It is a reminder to consider Cloud Computing.

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