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Links 1 through 8 of 8 Brad Harris's Bookmarks

Several months ago I bought the Woodinville Age Your Own Whiskey Kit. And when I say several months, I mean July of 2011, it’s almost April of 2012… The kit instructions specify to let it age at least 3 months, MAYBE 6. Well, I tripled that. Mainly because of laziness and because other bottles came into the house and kept me distracted.

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At long last, I got off my ass and finally got this post put together!

I owe you all a How to and a Recipe, This one is both! How to make a Benton's Old Fashioned, with Bacon Infused Bourbon. Yes, those two words are INDEED in the same sentence!

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I think I need to put this on me...

From Chop Shop on
The everyman’s guide to looking dapper on a tshirt. 141 dudes sporting a right gentlemanly combination of hair, beard or mustache with a good majority scoring with all

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My wife will every once in a while send me video clips, websites or pictures that have to do with beards or booze, of which I thank her.

This one I thought was particularly cool, An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails. She found this on one of her fav

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On Episode 2 season 2 of the And A Beard We Go Podcast, Hoover fixed up a cold weather, warm belly drink classic, the Hot Toddy.

This Hot Toddy was pretty traditional, the only variance we did was instead of using Honey, Hoover used Agave Nect

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In this episode we drank Hot Toddy's and didn't really talk about Movies or TV, we pretty much caught up and drank. It was a good time...

- Brad

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In Episode 14 (S2/E1) of the Podcast, Hoover made a variation of one of our favorite shots, a Washington Apple.

Washington Apples typically are made like this:

Fill a tin 1/3 with Ice

1 shot of Crown Royal
1 shot of Apple Pucker
1/2 a shot

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Welcome back Beardo's!

It's been a while since our last new Podcast, and I think 13 is a good number per "season". So we're bringing you season 2!

This is more of our usual nonsense, Hoover makes a Washington Apple variation cocktail (that

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