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Links 1 through 10 of 112 by Latoya Peterson tagged via:InfodivaMLIS415

Just. No. Words.--AJP

"A photograph uploaded on Facebook of a white South African man posing like a hunter near an apparently lifeless body of a black child has created a furore as South African police try track him down.

"The man has a Facebook user profile with the name "Eugene Terrorblanche," an apparent play on the name of Eugene Terreblanche, an extremist Afrikaner leader murdered last year, and has 590 'friends' as of Saturday. Authorities are yet to confirm the authenticity of the undated picture and have not ruled out the possibility of photograph manipulation."

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This story has the full fauxpology. As with fauxpologies, color me unimpressed.--AJP 

"The photo, briefly run on the Qantas Twitter site, was the result of a competition asking Australian fans to tell how they would show their support for the team and depicted two fans impersonating Fiji-born Australian team player Radike Samo at a Saturday night international game.
"'We apologize that the photo of two Radike fans offended some of our followers,' Qantas said in a statement.
"'We've spoken with Radike and whilst he is not offended we decided to remove the image.'"

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"U.S. residents are more willing to allow people with unorthodox views to speak publicly, teach and publish than they were 40 years ago, a survey finds.
"There are two big exceptions. Only a minority is willing to let Muslim extremists express their views openly and tolerance for racist expression has remained about the same since 1977."

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"'There’s more than one cool now for black people,' Mr. Gumbs said on a recent Tuesday at the Bergen Street studio, wearing a slight wisp of a goatee and dark glasses that sharpened his round face. 'When we were growing up, it was just one kind of cool.'
That was hip-hop, with its hegemonic style. But the men of Street Etiquette and their peers practice a deliberate elision of hip-hop style (except in the site’s early days, when the two were still shaking free of their Air Jordans). They even eschew the prim eccentricity of an Andre 3000, or the cosmopolitan flamboyance of Kanye West."

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"The NIH-commissioned study of 40,069 individual applicants between 2000 and 2006 reported that Asian American or Hispanic researchers were just as likely as whites to receive the new research project grants.
"But it found that blacks were less likely to receive the grants, regardless of education, training, citizenship, country of origin and prior research and publication history.
NIH officials were also disturbed by the small number of applications from non-white applicants. The study found that white applicants far outnumbered those of all other racial/ethnic groups: 28,456 whites (71 percent); 5,402 Asians (13.5 percent); 1,319 Hispanics (3.3 percent); 598 blacks (1.5 percent); and 11 percent were other/unknown."

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"Moreover, flash robs could sharpen racial stereotypes in troublesome ways. 'The first time a group of young kids of color walk into a store, the clerk assumes it’s a flash rob, and now you’ve got racial profiling that emerges,' adds Mr. Varano. 'It’s not unreasonable to assume that this is a very slippery slope.'"

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"The map, constructed with genetic information from 30,000 African Americans, has a resolution so high it is now the world's most accurate genetic map, said David Reich, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-leader of the study.

"The new map is the first to include thousands of African Americans. Most past genetic maps have been developed using people of European ancestry.

"'Although people of African and European ancestry are genetically quite similar to each other, this will help to localize genes in DNA from people of all racial and ethnic groups,' Wilson said."

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"The Cuban government will soon cast a media spotlight on the issue of racism on the island, although some programs to improve the lives of black Cubans had to be cut because of economic restraints, a Havana official said Thursday.

"Their unusually frank comments — for decades Cuba officially denied the existence of discrimination on the island — seemed to reflect the growing concern over race issues as the country drops some of its socialist policies and embraces more private enterprise."

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"Since then, Krock has made it his mission to make sure that Crutchfield and other Negro league players are not forgotten — one grave at a time. Twenty-two grave markers have been dedicated so far, with more to come. 'It's important for people to realize that many of these ballplayers when they left professional baseball, they were forced to take menial jobs such as custodians and security guards. Many of them had to work for minimum wage,' said Larry Lester, chairman of the Negro League Committee for the Society of American Baseball Research."

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"An assemblyman is accusing a food delivery service of denigrating Asians by using the name Ching Chong Ling Long Gourmet Takeout.
A group of UCLA students in partnership with a Chinese restaurant in Westwood, California, thought the name was the perfect tongue-in-cheek swipe at a viral Youtube video.
"But Monterey Park Assemblyman Mike Eng this week took issue, saying that the business name is 'jingoistic.'"

"Mr Eng said: 'I do agree that the best way to combat intolerance is to provide a positive cultural experience, but it is the inappropriate jingoistic humor that is the problem.'"

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