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Links 1 through 2 of 2 by Latoya Peterson tagged afromexicanos

"Yet, overall, residents know little about the unique heritage of their region. Many rural areas offer little to no education about black history in Mexico, despite its visible presence.

“'I’ve never thought that much about it,' said David Perez, a student near San Jose del Progreso. 'It's true, a lot of us are blacks near here, but we don’t know why. It's not something that we talk about.'

“'No one has the mentality that they are black here,' said Norga, 'they don’t celebrate it … There is no one on this coast who knows anything about the history of it.'

"This break in the chain of passing along traditions causes some to question whether connections to this culture will slip away altogether. Outside of the Costa Chica region, Afro-Mexicans are rarely seen, and knowledge on the topic is generally nonexistent around Mexico, despite the major role slavery played in the early colonial years."

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"It is true that Mexico was even seen as a refuge for some American blacks. Poet Langston Hughes did some of his earliest writing while living briefly with his father in Mexico, where the older man had gone to escape discrimination.

"But the full truth is that racism is alive and well in Mexico. It is primarily directed at indigenous communities who account for as many as 11.3 million people, or roughly 10% of the national population. The indigenous remain disproportionately mired in poverty and denied work, political access, education and other rights.

"And there is a smaller community of black Mexicans, Afro Mexicanos, many descendants of slaves first brought to the region by Spanish conquerors in the 16th century."

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