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Links 1 through 10 of 18454 Mass Effect Kink Meme's Bookmarks

Any child of Shep's would be raised around soldiers, mercs, ex-cons & gun Tooting badasses so meeting the parents (aka gun wielding overprotective father) of a prom date probably wouldn't rate that high on a scale of fear, but how would that meeting go?

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So I've been replaying Tuchanka again and I noticed that in both ME2 and ME3, the game doesn't make any references to sole survivor.

So how would Shepard react in Priority: Tuchanka if he/she still has PTSD from Thresher Maws?

I like to headcanon that Survivor Shepard did not act normally when seeing the thresher maw in Grunt's Rite of Passage. And then there's Kalros in ME3. In my interpretation, seeing a maw swallow Wreav gave him/her quite a shock and gets kind of scared when Eve/Bakara has the idea of summoning Kalros.

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So while ME Universe has some dark spots to it (*cough* Genophage *cough*) I noticed that, for the most part, every society is rather utopic. Sure the Turian's are militarists, but they're a true meritocracy, and yeah the Salarians are feudal, but their highly advanced and anyone can move up the ranks. And anyone else notice that every single galactic nation is secular? Sure the Asari and Turians seemingly have on religion, but it isn't a part of their government.

'What are you asking for, Anon?' you might be thinking. Well. I want a dark (grimdark even) AU where everything is inverted, topsy turvy. However you interpret that is up to you. Just keep it gritty. Make the Asari warmongers? Yes. Make the Turians pacifists? I mean, sure, but then something bad will probably happen to them.

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Hi. You might remember me from my last big project, Salvation. I've been out of the game for a while now. Sort of wrote myself into a corner with the last piece I'd worked on, wasn't sure how to continue it so being the selfish bastard I am I left everyone hanging.

So imagine my surprise when I get back into the game, return here for shits and giggles and find that people didn't just clamor for more, but wrote their own take of MY own take of the galaxy under the Asari Empire. Well, now I say bugger it all, let's skip a decade or so forward.

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When Miranda had her first period, Henry Lawson locked her into an unbreakable chastity device. But not so that she wouldn't get pregnant; she can't. On her sixteenth birthday, the protective plate retracted for the first time. Henry paid her a visit that night.

When Miranda ran away soon after, taking her baby sister, she didn't manage to get the key.

She's had to wear it ever since. And every year, on her birthday, the plate retracts. She's got a very narrow window of opportunity to either pleasure or punish herself.

Some years she meticulously plans the perfect evening. Some years she screws long and hard until she's exhausted.

But some years she finds herself lying limp under a wealthy older man. And some years she just takes a pill and sleeps right through it.

It's her birthday tomorrow. What kind of a birthday is she going to have, on the night before the assault on the Collector Base?

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She might not be like other girls, but EDI still likes to pamper herself. Traynor likes a nice long soak in a hot tub, and EDI decides she wants a way to indulge as well. Of course, Sam's all too happy to help.

So yeah, Traynor, EDI, and Traynor's preference in scented shuttle wax.

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Imagine Shepard as anything than a North American.

Imagine a boisterous Scottish Shepard. Or a dour German Shepard (not a dog). Or an Australian Shepard. Or or or.

Multifills are welcome.

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Humans have soul mates, where the name is written on their wrists. Shepard has a name on her wrist, an alien name. This isn't uncommon. And the bonds don't have to be romantic, some can be the best friend you'll ever have.

However most aliens aren't sure what to make of the soul mate bonds.

Can I see a story about Shepard trying to tell her soul mate about the bond and the reaction? It can be either romantic or friendship, I'm not concerned.

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Having just finished another play-through, I am emotional.

I found myself wondering (I'm sure I'm not the first) if the entire Reaper invasion was just about Harbinger having a huge crush on Shepard.

And so I thought it would be neat to try and communicate his romantic feelings using only his incidental battle dialogue (collected on this page):

So I challenge you, anons, to write any kind of FShep/Harbinger minifill where the mean things he says are the only way he knows how to express his true feelings. Comedy or tragedy. I'll post mine below to kick it off.

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After convincing Balak to have the remnants of the batarian fleet join with everyone else, Hackett suggests offering the batarian a spot on the Normandy as squad mate, somehow thinking this will be seen as an act of friendship. The offer is extended and accepted, but Balak makes it clear that he must be allowed to have at least one slave on the ship. Cultural rights and all that jazz.

Eager to get back to kicking ass Shepard agrees, but it just so happens that Balak's slave is Shepard's LI Miranda who has been missing since just after the end of ME2 (he assumed she had simply gone silent to avoid being captured or killed by Cerberus for betraying TIM). At first Shepard is ready to go over and rip Balak to shreds, but Hackett reminds Shepard that keeping the Batarians happy is more important than rescuing Miranda. So no matter how much Shepard wants to blind Balak one eye at a time, he has to keep quiet and say nothing as Balak pimps Miranda out to the crew or fucks her in plain sight of him.

Shepard goes around visiting the crew like usual, but every time he visits Balak, Miranda is busy getting rammed in her perfect ass or sucking down a creamy load as they talk.

Miranda has been thoroughly broken in mind body and soul and makes sure to tell her master how much she enjoys batarian cock and wonders how she ever survived without it when Shepard is around.

Balak gets some of his fellow batarian's in on the action and Miranda is left in heaven as she's gangbanged hard by multiple batarian dick's with it ending with them cumming both in and all over her

Shepard doesn't break up with Miranda as he knows that she was probably forced into this somehow (maybe he reckons that Balak threatened to do what he was doing with Miranda to Oriana if Miranda refused to submit to him)

the only time Miranda goes without Balak's cock (much to her disappointment) is when Shepard has been recovered from the rubble and is helping the doctor's bring him back from the brink of death (she did install all his implants after all. Yes,

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