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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Just Mohit tagged analysis

Airport security in America is a sham—“security theater” designed to make travelers feel better and catch stupid terrorists. Smart ones can get through security with fake boarding passes and all manner of prohibited items—as our correspondent did with ease.

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Based on this graph, I’m guessing that Oracle now outsources the development of its courses to the primate house of the local zoo. Although I haven’t seen the course myself, I’m told that this graph is typical. If this is what a leading Business Intelligence software vendor considers an effective way to display data, it’s no wonder that people are frustrated with the industry...
It is as if the person who created this “Good Dashboards” example of a graph did everything possible to make it as ineffective as possible.
How can a vendor that claims to understand data and presumes to teach people best practices in its use know so little? Oracle, you should be embarrassed.

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Unfortunately, without deep knowledge, the best you can have is a shallow understanding. Without any knowledge, meaning facts, any understanding you think you have is illusory, baseless, and void. The "new angle" on teaching continues the bankrupt reform tradition of replacing specific content knowledge with vague attitudinal goals, where social studies curricula are more concerned with how students feel about history than what they know about it.
You can't attain understanding without knowledge, and you can't acquire knowledge without mastering facts. You can't skip the grunt work, even if it's often dull and painstaking. That's true in any discipline. Our children need to realize and accept this. So do the experts who mastermind our schools. So do we all. That's the new angle on teaching and learning that we desperately need. More gimmicks won’t help.
True, grappling with facts and turning them into knowledge can be hard work.
But reckoning with ignorance is even harder.

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BI tools don’t provide business context out of the box...
Even if you understand the internal business, fixed solutions don’t adapt...
We’re looking for business results, but being sold tools...BI demos imply that a pivot table or a scorecard is a business result, even though none of the tools drive actions based on their analysis.
In the face of these challenges, BI tool vendors have innovated at a furious pace. They have added new, separately priced offerings (if you can’t monetize it, it’s hard to fund development) by internal development or acquisition: text analytics, advanced visualization, data mining. More tools for specialists. They have created new revenue streams with these extensions of existing analytical thinking and offered new insights. But it’s not enough.

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I believe that data analysis is what we do to make sense of data...essentially data analysis is the process of sense-making. It’s what we do with information to understand what it means. It’s the process that bridges the gap between information and knowledge. It’s what we do if we want to make informed decisions, based on evidence. Oh yeah, and when applied to business, it’s the heart and soul of business intelligence.
When software automates actions that are carried out in response to rules, it isn’t engaged in analytics or decision-making. Rather, it is simply enforcing a decision that has already been made, based on prior analysis-analysis that was done by a human. The automation of routine responses to specified conditions is a great use of technology, but let’s not confuse this with analysis. Doing so might give people the false impression that by automating such actions, they are addressing their organization’s vital need to understand its data.

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