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Links 1 through 10 of 32 by Ho John Lee tagged personal

Future of Privacy Forum is pleased to share the third annual “Privacy Papers for Policy Makers,” showcasing leading analytical thinking about current and emerging privacy issues.

Leading Privacy Papers:

Bringing the Gap Between Privacy and Design
Deirdre Mulligan and Jennifer King

‘Going Dark’ Versus a ‘Golden Age for Surveillance’
Peter Swire and Kenesa Ahmad

“How Come I’m Allowing Strangers to Go Through My Phone”?: Smart Phones and Privacy Expectations
Jennifer King

Mobile Payments: Consumer Benefits & New Privacy Concerns
Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Jennifer M. Urban, and Su Li

Smart, Useful, Scary, Creepy: Perceptions of Online Behavioral Advertising
Blase Ur, Pedro G. Leon, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Richard Shay and Yang Wang

The ‘Re-Identification’ of Governor William Weld’s Medical Information: A Critical
Re-Examination of Health Data Identification Risks and Privacy Protections, Then and Now
Daniel Barth-Jones

Privacy by Design: A Counterfactual Analysis of Google and Facebook Pri

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Using an inexpensive phone and open source software, the researchers were able to track the location of cell phone users without their knowledge on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network, the predominant worldwide network.

In a field test, the research group was able to track the location of a test subject within a 10-block area as the subject traveled across an area of Minneapolis at a walking pace. The researchers used readily available equipment and no direct help from the service provider.

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Battery powered mesh networked wireless webcam, shown this afternoon at demo09

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Browser-based expense and personal finance application.

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Bruce Schneier summarizes the current (bad) state of data privacy at US and UK border crossings. Personal computers are subject to full file download and investigation.

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An AC power outlet strip which will automatically shut down power to unused transformers (wall warts) to reduce standby energy consumption

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A summary of reorganization and project themes for HPL going forward. Heavy emphasis on shift from devices to service-based applications.

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Some thoughts on the Asus Eee, Linux-based low cost systems vs more expensive WinXP/Vista models, and changing use models

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Summary of Intel earnings presentation, contains a lot of interesting trend and snapshot data for the personal computing universe, shifting use model (mobility) and geography

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Discussion and comments on DRAM encryption key attacks described by Ed Felten's research group

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