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Links 1 through 10 of 77 by Clint JCL tagged women

Will people read this and breathe a sigh of relief?
Or will people read this and just feel vaguely disgusted by everyone else?

Straight men prefer heavy women to thin ones? Hmm. Then why are the skinny chicks always getting action? Hmm. I definitely prefer petite and skinny.

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Abrahamic religions are evil perversions of previous religions. They spread like a virus because men rewrote them to be male religions, giving themselves more power, and allowing for more fanatacism.

Fuck Abraham.
Fuck Jesus.
Fuck Allah.
Fuck Jehova.
All your religions are belong to bullshit.

God's words don't get to be rewritten by man. But it doesn't matter because they weren't God's words anyway.

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But of course, the world is so much better off with religion, right Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists? /sarcasm

How fucked up that her own bodyguards - are supplied by the American government, and not the Afghani government? Wow.

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Sounds like the Peace Corps took a page out of the Catholic Church's book. How many of these women would NOT have been raped if the Peace Corps had not covered up the rape of the other ones?

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1) Most Muslim women (95%) are not required to wear veils.
2) 4 out of 5 of the most populous Muslim countries have elected women to lead them.
3) The founding fathers had a lot of respect for Islam and Muhammad and welcomed Muslims.
4) Muslim does not equal Arab. Only 20% of the world's muslims are arab. (There are more Arab Christians than all Jews in the world.)
5) During the Crusades, the Muslim armies were much more humane than the Christian ones. They had a code of conduct that Christians did not abide by.
6) More Muslims (%age) believe in Evolution than evangelical Christians.

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It's sad that we had to wait until video games were around long enough that the people who played them would grow up and become researchers in order to come up with such an obvious conclusion as this one.

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Iceland bans all strip clubs. Because of course the concept of allowing a property owner to do what they want with their own property somehow disappears if they open their door to the public. The smoking ban mentality of not letting people do what they want with their own property rears its ugly head again. And with similar arguments: That allowing consenting adults to do what they want contributes to other societal problems.

Nevermind allowing people to do what they want. That's an outdated concept in today's world.

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Even if she was not listening to cops and trying to flee, there is no statute in any lawbook stating that police can kill someone for running away. NOR SHOULD THEIR BE. Capital crimes include murder, treason -- NOT running away from the cops for non-violent drug crimes.

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What a fucking cunt Scalia is. I can't wait for him to fucking die. Douchebag, douchebag, douchebag.

"You do not need the Constitution to reflect the views of current society." Traitors should fucking die. I wish cancer on you. Cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer.

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