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Links 1 through 9 of 9 by Clint JCL tagged harmReduction

I think this is a much better solution than our dead-child-illogic-induced constitutional-shredding.  Drunk driving permits. Brilliant. My idea was more of a "drunk driving hour" (the hour after bars close), but this is a more organized approach. I like the purple flashing lights...

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A place for alcoholics who are hopeless to go and drink themselves to death without costing society the million dollars that most homeless alcoholics cost society.

How realistic. It is completely true that some people are beyond hope and beyond treatment. (One has only to look at all the people who die in mental institutions, never allowed to be free, to know this as fact.)

This is harm reduction at its finest - and at its saddest.

And still, the moralists crusade against things like this.

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Duh! I could have told you this. Giving people the drug they want makes them less likely to have to go out and get it on the street. DUH.

Heroin is not harmful. Heroin is a brand name. It was a corporate painkiller drug, abused out of the system much like the route Oxycotin is currently taking. It does 0 damage to the body when properly delivered.

There's no reason to give something else to addicts, when giving them heroin will keep them off the street and reduce crime. Metahdone simply does not work for some people. Either way, the addiction isn't killed. Killing the addiction for every user is simply not a realistic or possible goal; it's like killing human nature.

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I love how the officials are all like "this is instructions on how to inject a POISON".

Uh, no. Heroin isn't poisonous. It's a fucking BRAND NAME of diacetyl morphine. A brand name created by pharmaceutical companies.

People abusing a non-poison doesn't turn it into a poison. Heroin itself does 0 damage to the body -- the harm comes from overdosing, unclean needles, HIV, adulterants.

Most people don't know or realize this. They had an "expert" at my high school graduation talk about how it kills brain cells. No... It doesn't.

Sorry guys - when you spout misinformation you have no credibility left. John Gilbride and Peter Vallone Jr. (Democrat) have their head up their asses. Bet it smells nice up there.

At least Mayor Bloomberg is sane (with regards to this issue, anyway).

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Interesting. People who are undergoing HIV treatments often are not infectious at all. Anti-HIV drugs can reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

This is good news. Especially for couples where 1 person is infected, and the other is not. Any knowledge that can help people make decisions that reduce their risk is good knowledge for the public to have.

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This is the 2nd time the government in UK, much like the government in UK, has ignored scientific findings and classified a drug based on its own political motivations instead. It's like they have science people involved just so they can feel included, and then ignore them.

I love how a scientific publication is now out saying that the risks of taking Ecstasy are equivalent to those of riding a horse.

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These ill people -- their illness was not caused by cocaine, but by suppresionists who want to limit the activities of others. Those who have decided drugs are bad, and therefore should be illegal, are the ones who have forced drugs into a dangerous black market.

Similarly, during alcohol prohibition in America, people went blind from bad alcohol ALL THE TIME. You don't hear about that now, do you? That's the beauty of a legal market: harm reduction.

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There are a lot of total idiots--like Texas District Attorney Susan Read and Attorney General Greg Abbot, who are prosecuting needle exchange program volunteers for paraphanelia possession, saying there is no science to support that needle exchange lowers HIV infection rate.

But it does. And this act is endorsed by more then ONE HUNDRED HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis C, and other public policy groups.

Do you hear that Susan Reed? Do you hear that, Greg Abbott? Do you hear that, ONDCP?

This is the type of things that Republicans typically oppose and Democrats typically approve of. But you can find plenty of idiots in both parties.

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