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Links 1 through 10 of 45 by Clint JCL tagged connectivity

...and 40 years later most people still can't figure it out, even though it's older than most of us. But despite it's drawbacks, IT JUST WORKS, where other things fail.

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FINALLY!! I got my iPhone mapped as a network drive. Not the entire phone, but an area specific to the AirShare application. This achieves my goal of programmatically putting mp3s onto my iPhone with my own scripts.

Step 2: Finding a player that will play them from that section. iTunes, OF COURSE, will not do this. Hilarious.

I also had to use NetDrive to get my PC to recognize the AirShare WebDAV share.

NOTE!!! ExpanDrive seems to be easier AND more reliable than this. You should probably try that, instead.

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The tide of information flow cannot be stopped. It can be hindered, but in the end, information flow will win. Seize a domain? We'll just come up with a new DNS. Good stuff, good stuff.

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Netflix should get involved somehow. It would have been better to get Comcast customers all pissed off at not being able to use Netflix streaming, and have them cancel their cable. Cable cancellations are at an all-time high right now. Netflix has the leverage. Why didn't they use it?

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For me, technology is a tool and it kind of falls under practicality more than idealism, to some extent.

I can sort of imagine how something like this might be advantageous, for example if china unleashed a virus on us that erased everything on every computer or somehow damaged hardware to the extent that it would cripple the economy, that turning off the flow of data would actually save everybody.

But the idealist side of me doesn't like this one bit. This is an affront to freedom, and no, this is NOT analogous to the emergency broadcast system.

I'm just not sure which side wins in the end -- idealism or practicality -- because it's impossible to imagine all un-thought-of threats...

Then again: This will be abused, so idealism or practicality aside, heaping government abuse on top of the situation tends to make me think things will be worse of with this, and as such it is a bad idea.

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100M DSL coming soon? Good. We need as much competition as possible. American internet -- like our medicine -- is a rip-off compared to most of the civilized world. We spend more and get less.

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Can you imagine if your phone company told you that you couldn't call phone sex / chat lines?
Or your car was slowed down if it drove into certain states?
We'd throw a fit.

But because "computers are hard" and Apple helps keep people from being able to understand the details -- by hiding them -- nobody understands just how crucial and hurtful this ruling is to our technology freedom.

OBAMA, HELP US! hahahaha

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The real answer? Corporations and capitalism. Our market is more free than in those countries, and as such, it's had no real need to develop as much as other countries. Americans pay what you tell them to. If Obama had tried to subsidize broadband for poor people, teabaggers would be screaming that this is socialist government, and that it's "wrong to take something by force and give it to others". I suppose our whole society must suffer in order for the right to get their way.

Taxes are evil. Therefore we should use them for nothing! Then they'll go away, right? (haha!)

Funny how we have some of the least competition of any country. I thought the magic invisible hand of free market capitalism fixed all problems? (BTW, Adam Smith thought that hand was GOD, and GOD DOESN'T EXIST, so good luck with that. He also believed in taxing the rich more than the poor.)

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The 4th Amendment guarantees our papers and effects from unreasonable search... But once you post things publicly , the government doesn't have to obey the constitution, as it applies only to private effects.

This is an example of how technological growth creates situations that the Founding Fathers could not have foreseen.

Once upon a time, you could write a letter to your friend to say Hi, and nobody could read it. But nowadays, nobody does that. They write an email, which is sent through "public" data lines.

Congress had to specifically create privacy laws for phone conversations when phones were first invented -- otherwise your conversation as in "public" and anyone could listen in legally -- and eventually extended these protections to e-mail (a few years ago).

But these protections don't apply to public things like tweets, youtube postings, flickr picture postings, amazon book reviews. So the government will search all it wants. Legal? For now. Ethical? Not particularly.

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