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Links 1 through 1 of 1 by Clint JCL tagged GabrielaSaavedra

That was NOT threatening speech. "You make me feel like killing you" is in no way the same as "I'm gonna kill you". I'd be sick of cops harassing me if I had a brain injury that made me walk like a freak too.

"he repeatedly explained to the officer that he'd sustained a traumatic brain injury in a work-related accident and was disabled, not drunk....was taken to...Hospital where the stun darts were removed from his back. A blood alcohol or drugs in his system. ... Was charged with misdemeanor assault two days after... The District Attorney's Office later asked that the charge be dismissed "in the furtherance of justice." "

Yea. The DA dropped the charges because he knew their cops were full of shit.

Officer Gabriela Saavedra is a shitty cop, but Officer Donald Cline sounds like a straight-up pig for tasering a man simply for walking funny. Because in the end, none of this would have happened if Gonzalez was able to walk like a normal person.

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